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You enter your Breed's gene pool and leave footprints for eternity.
Take care that the footprints you leave are worthy of being followed.

Detailed Puppy Information

I will no longer be placing ANY puppies in ANY Cities or States that have mandatory spay/neuter ordinance's
before 6 mos Spaying/neutering a giant breed at such a young ages can and will cause improper growth.


Nothing available at this time


Breeding has taken place. We are waiting to confirm pregnancy July 2024
"MeYa" Colra Drr I Got This SHHH-It x "Stanley" Colra Drr Don't Puck with my Cup
This will be an all black (homozygous black) litter.

This breeding will take place in August/September 2024
"Ace" CH Colras an Ace in the Hole x "Felony" Colra Drr I'm Gonna Steal the Show
This will be an all black litter.

If you are interested in adding a Colra Dane to your family please fill out our
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You MUST email me at COLRADANES@GMAIL.COM to let me know you filled it out