Litter box

You enter your Breed's gene pool and leave footprints for eternity.
Take care that the footprints you leave are worthy of being followed.

GOOD Breeders arenít puppy machines, and puppies arenít available to add to a shopping cart.
GOOD Breeders only breed when they want something for themselves or to add to their breeding program
GOOD Breeders spend thousands of dollars on their dogs, Health Testing,
,traveling to shows, entry fees, a multitude of show equipment, stud fees, Vet expenses, vehicles for their dogs,
and making their home all about their dogs
GOOD Breeders spend countless hours on and with their dogs, researching dogs and their peidgrees, grooming, training,
traveling to events or breeding to studs or vets, researching and providing care.
GOOD Breeders shed so many tears over missed breedings, lost puppies, beautiful show potential puppies
whose bite goes off (or some other minor issue), losing moms, injuries or emergency illness.
Instead of searching for a puppy, search for a GOOD Breeder whose dogs you admire and whose program you love.
HONOR the Breederís sacrifices they make for their passion for the breed, and get to know them.
Ask them about their program and goals. Then be prepared to wait for your perfect match.
Breeding is truly a labor of love. A "GOOD" breeder isnít just breeding puppies to sell them on the next ISO post,
they are breeding with intention and with specific goals in mind.

Author unknown

Detailed Puppy Information

I will no longer be placing ANY puppies in ANY Cities or States that have mandatory spay/neuter ordinance's
before 6 mos Spaying/neutering a giant breed at such a young ages can cause improper growth.


Nothing available at this time


Summer 2021
This will be an all black litter located in Arizona. List forming now

CH Spanky has been bred to a lovely CH Fawn bitch (waiting to confirm pregnancy)
CH Ace will be bred to a lovely fawn bitch later this year or early next year

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