Our puppies are raised with tender love and care. They are raised inside of our home
with our human, Dane and Chihuahua family.
We do our best to breed healthy and happy puppies that make wonderful Champions,
Therapy dogs, Service Dogs, Performance dogs as well as wonderful quality companions.
All of the below goes into making a Colra Dane.

We do our very best to make sure all dogs/bitches that we breed or breed to are healthy and have EXCELLENT temperaments.
We health test our dogs that we breed and the dogs that we breed to are also health tested.
We understand that health testing isn't a guarantee that a dog will be 100% healthy and never develop a health problem/issue.
Health testing a tool not a guarantee. Many things factor into good health other than genetics.
Please remember these are living, breathing animals so nothing is 100% and we are NOT God

We make sure that we spend one on one time with each one of the puppies.
Puppies are socialized with our other Danes, my Chihuahuas, adults and if possible children.
The puppies go for car rides so we know who likes to ride and who may not.
All puppies are stacked and gone over at least 2 times daily.
Puppies are exposed to a variety of noises, textures, toys and smells.
We have NEVER had any complaints about ANY of our puppies temperaments.
(Please see our Temperament page)

NO puppies leave before 8 weeks of age.
We do 2 evaluations of the puppies. One at 5 weeks and then another at 8 weeks.
At one of the evaluation there are either Judges, Professional Handlers or Champion Breeders involved to give their opinions as well.
We may hold on to a couple of the top show prospects until 12 weeks if we feel it's necessary before making our choice/s.

All interested parties must fill out our application.There are "2" parts so fill them both out or you will not be considered
All approved homes must sign our contract that is legal and binding.
The contract includes our health guarantee, requirements on caring for your Dane, info on feeding, breeding
and showing, spay/neuter contract and general care.

All pet quality pups will be placed on AKC limited registration with a Spay/Neuter contract
We do NOT sell puppies for breeding purposes
We do NOT sell to BYB's, Puppy Mills or Pet Stores
So if you are one of the above it don't even bother because we will not sell you a puppy.
We personally do home checks if possible, if not we can have a fellow Breeder in your area do one for us.
You must have references and have filled out our application.
**We will send in all AKC registration papers unless puppy is being shipped out of the country**

We require a $500.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit. If a puppy is not available the deposit can be transferred to another litter.
If Buyer decides they don't want a puppy NO refund will be granted

We only accept deposits from approved homes once the puppies are born
Puppies are not placed on a first come first serve basis. We choose who gets puppies
and on which order. We expect you to keep in contact with us during the puppy screening process,
during pregnancy and once puppies are born. Please do not expect to adopt a puppy just because you filled ou
t an application 5 months ago and haven't kept in contact with us. If you don't keep in contact with us before
you even have a puppy then chances are not good that you will remain in contact with us in the future.

ALL puppies will carry our Kennel name COLRA and you must have approval to add your kennel name on to the puppy.
For show prospects we normally we have themes. Sometimes we will have a list for you to choose from.
We try to encourage people to name their puppy something that goes with their registered names
However it isn't a requirement and puppy buyers are free to pick any "call name" for their puppy.

We prefer NOT ship puppies.
We like to meet all of our perspective puppy owners and would assume that you would want to meet us as well,
see the Dam and possibly the sire along with any litter mates or other family members.
If this is not an option due to location we can ship puppies weather permitting of course.
No puppies can be shipping from May to September due to heat restrictions. Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs, the crate, the health certificate from the Vet and any other fees
We ship from McCarren International Airport, in Las Vegas, NV when heat allows.
We can ship out of Ontario California if there is an issue with heat in Las Vegas, NV.
**This service is offered for an additional fee due to travel.
Below is an estimate of what the costs are to ship a puppy:
Flight $300 to $450
Health certificate $125 to $150
Crate (If available I can offer used crates at $40 to $60) New crate $75 to $150
*Additional $250* if Flying out of Ontario, CA due to heat restrictions in Las Vegas(This covers my lodging, gas and time)
If I am taking multiple puppies the $250 fee will be split between puppy buyers.

All puppies remain natural eared. If you would like your puppy cropped we can have the puppy cropped at an additional cost.
Please note cropping ranges from $800 to $1200 depending on where we are able to have the puppy cropped.
We can also recommend Vets who crop in new owners area.
New owners must understand the HUGE responsibly of taking care of cropped ears
to ensure they will stand. You or a Vet must remove and re-tape you puppy's ears at least once per week.
Please note that it could take anywhere from 4 months to 2 years
for the puppy's ears to stand

We belive in minimal vaccines/worming.
We will be happy to discuss our vaccine protocol.
Puppies will have at least 1 vaccine before leaving to their new homes

Your contract
A copy of the AKC registration paperwork
Pictures of both sire and dam
Health certs for both sire and dam
Your puppy's pedigree
Your puppies weight chart from birth
Toys, blanket, treats
Ear taping information for show prospects
A copy of your puppy's feeding and sleeping schedule
A Sample of the food your puppy has been eating
A lifetime of Breeder support
We are available for our puppy people 24 hours a day 365 days a year


If you are interested in adding a Colra Dane to your family please fill out our
Puppy Application