What Is The Clan Of The Black Hat?
Let's just say that we are a gathering of card carrying,
broom flying, herb growing, cauldron stiring,
spell casting, earth loving witches
that don't think our black hat
is just a prop for Samhain!

Who Belongs To The Clan Of The Black Hat?
Our society is made up of people
that wear their hats with pride!
While some feel rather silly
putting a pointy black hat atop
their head and going about
daily business, they in fact,
live their lives in a magickal manner
and proudly proclaim that they
are indeed a WITCH!

Where Do I Go From Here?
This is a brand new site
and we are just getting started
But, if you are a Witch of the serious sort...
You are welcome to join us on our new
message board by clicking on the "Black Hat"
This site is in it's infancy,so if you find
yourself a solitary Don't fret!...
The rest will be along shortly.
OR you can cruise our site by
clicking the site map "Black Hat"!

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