The first thing that is required for spell casting is imagination.
You have to imagine not just the thing that you desire,
but rather you have to be able to imagine
yourself in the situation that you desire.

In other words not just wanting to be rich,
but seeing yourself as rich.
What would you do with the money?
You must see the bills in my wallet, or the figures in my bankbook,
or see yourself receiving an invoice
that says paid in full for the bill.

The next thing that is required:

You must expect the spell to work.
For this reason,
it is best not to talk about any spells you do.
The reason being is that if you talk about doing a spell,
or announce to someone that you have done
something before it manifests, they can thwart your efforts.

If they scoff at the idea of you casting a spell,
or say something like " sure you did"
They can cast doubt on your ability to do magic.
And If you doubt your ability,it may not work properly.


You must concentrate your will towards your goal.
This means that you have to want the thing
so bad that you can taste it,
and believe that nothing in the universe
is going to stand between you and your goal.
Not time, not space, not circumstances anything..
The only thing that stands between you
and your goal is reaching out and grabbing what you need.

So where do herbs and tools
and words and color come into all this ???

They are all tools that help
to bring your mind into focus.
There is no doubt that different sensory
keys make us all feel a certain way.

If you doubt this,
stop for a moment and recall the smell of cinnamon.
Makes you think of great baked goods coming from an oven.
So what do baked goods mean to you ?
Often they will lead your thoughts to those of home,
security, loving feelings.
So cinnamon can be used for all of these things.

Think of blue- what does that color say to you ?
All of these things will help
your mind focus on your goal.

You might want do your spells in rhymes.
It is not required though..
just verbalizing your intent will do quite nicely.

When making a charm or a talisman,
gather equipment and materials,
and start to work.
Light the candles,and the incense,
and get busy fashioning your charm.

When it is crafted, recite your spell over it
( helps to bring your mind into focus for that ultimate purpose),
and then form your hands into a triangle shape.
(fingers and thumbs straight out,
thumbs touching at the tips
and index fingers touching at the tips.)
When you have gathered all the feeling you can muster
(along with desire and will),
you then position this triangle over the charm
and blow three breaths through the triangle onto your charm
visualizing that your breath carries your will.

Circles are rarely used for spells.
You will find that the less physical steps
that you have to perform in spellwork,
the more concentrated your visualizations become,
and the better rate of success you will have.

Planetary correspondences:

You may or may not want to follow the moon for spell crafting,
however you should not let it dictate all of your work.

If you need something to increase and the moon is on the wain,
simply focus your work towards removing obsticals surrounding the object I need.

One final thing:

Always work with the mundane law of things.
Do not cast a spell for monetary increase
and then sit on the couch watching tv and expect it to work.
It won't. You will have to go out and find some way to bring in some cash.
Your magical work can turn that a little into a lot more.
But how much more depends on the effort you put into it.

Don't cast a general love spell of attraction and then neglect to shower
Take steps for good grooming and spend some time
out with friends or just being seen out and about.

If you want a different color of hair,
get a bottle of Miss Clairol.

For changing your eye color,
check with your optomitrist for tinted contact lenses

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