Color and Meaning of Stones

Brown- Success, amplifies all earth magick, physical abilites, common sense.

Black- Binding, defense, positive and negative power.

Blue- Harmony, understanding, journeys.

Green- Marriage, relationships, balance, creativity, fertility, growth.

Indigo- Balance in your karma, stopping habits.

Orange- Change luck, control a situation.

Pink- Healing, true love, friendship.

Purple- Breaking bad luck, protection, sucess.

Red- Courage, energy, taking action.

White- Spirit guidance, being directed to the right paths, clamness, becoming centered.

Yellow- Power of the mind, creativity, sudden changes.

Incense Name and Uses

Acacia- burn with sandalwood to increase psychic powers.

African Violet- protection, and spirituality.

Allspice- Attrack luck and money.

Aloes- good fortune, love, spiritual vibrations, and strength.

Althea- protection and stimulates psychic powers.

Anise Seads- meditation

Basil- exorcism and protection against evil entities; attract fertility
good luck, love, sympathy, wealth, good for love divinations.

Bay- psychic powers, induce prophetic dreams.

Bayberry- attract money

Benzoin- attract prosperity and purification.

Bistort- aid in divinations

Blueberry- Keep away unwanted influences from your home.

Blue Rose- honors the goddess in all her aspects.

Carnation- healing

Cedar- purification, psychic powers, attract love, prevent nightmares.

Cherry- attract and stimulate love.

Cinnamon- protection, money, psychic powers, aid in healing.

Citron-aid in healing, psychic powers.

Clove-dispel negative energy, purify spaces, stop gossip.

Cocoanut- protection

Copal-purification, love.

Damiana- faciliate psychic visions.

Dragons Blood- dispel negativity, exorcise evil, love, potency, protection during invoking.

Fern- produce rain, exorcise evil.

Frangiapani- brighten home with friendship and love.

Frankencense-dispel nefativity, purify spaces, protect, meditation, luck, psychic visions.

Fumitory- exorcise demons, poltergists, and evil entities.

Galangal- Break curses cast by sorcerers.

Ginseng root- Keep away evil spirits.

Heather- Conjure good spirits, produce rain.

Hibiscus Flower- Love

Honey Suckle- Health, luck, psychic powers.

Jasmine- Love, money, induce prophetic dreams.

Juniper- Psychic powers, break curses by sorcerers.

Lavendar- rest, sleep, love.

Lilac- Psychic powers, harmony in life.

Lotus- Inner peace and outer harmony.

Mace- Psychic powers.

Mastic- Conjure good spirits, psychic powers, sexual desire.

Masquite- increase other healing incense powers.

Mint- Sexual desire, exorcism, conjure spirits, healing vibrations, protection.

Musk- Courage, highten sensual passion.

Myrrh- Purification, consecration, healing, banishing evil.

Nutmeg- Medication, psychic powers, prosperity.

Passion Flower- Soothe troubles, sleep.

Patchouli- money, love, fertility.

Pine- Purification, banish negative energies, exorsise evil, money, sending hexes back to senders.

Poppyseeds- fertility, love, good luck, money.

Rose- Courage, prophetic dreams, strong love vibrations.

Rosemary- Purify, heal, nightmares, youthfulness, depression, sleep, good dreams.

Rue- Restore health.

Sage- Protection, purify spaces and tools, wisdom, money, healing the body, mind and soul.

Sagebrush- Healing, banish negative energies, banish evil entities.

Sandalwood- Exorcise demons, conjure good spirits, spiritual awareness, healing, and wishes.

Solomons Seal- Offering to deities.

Spirit- Attract spirit guides.

Star Anise Seeds- Psychic powers.

Strawberry- Love.

Sweetgrass- Conjure good spirits.

Tangerine- Prosperity.

Temple- Use on altar during rituals.

Thyme- Purify spaces, healing, health.

Vanilla- Love, sexual desire, powers of the mind.

Vervain- Exorcise evil.

Vetivert- Break curses, protect against black magik.

Willow- avert evil, love, healing.

Wisteria- Protect against evil.

Wormwook- Psychic powers, conjuer good spirits from the grave.

Corresponding Candles

Brown: making magic for animals

Black: banishing illnesses, breaking hexes, exorcisms

Blue: healing and peace

Green: prosperity and fertility

Pink: love and affection

Purple: to boost your own magickal powers

Red: passion and vitality

White: general work and blessings

Yellow: mental powers,intellect

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