Creating Sacred Space

Let me say this:
Some of us do and some of us don't

If you are more comfortable casting a circle,
here is the "Why's" and "How's"!

The reason we cast a circle before
performing any magic is to provide a space
where we can have directed energy
for the creation of a magical need,
and to protect us from being disturbed.

For the beginner,this is done each time
you wish to perform any spell, ritual
blessing or ceremony.

A circle offers protection to the person during ritual,
mainly protection from unwanted influences.
There is no one right way to cast a circle.

For future reference, it is a good idea
to research other methods
until you find one way that suits you best.
This is the method that has suited my
needs but each individual needs to find
one of their own.

To cast a circle, follow these steps.

Locate the four directions
East, South, West, and North.

Imagine there is a physical circle or
magical ring around you and the space
you are occupying.

Call in all four directions,saying:

"I cast this magical space to create,
may it protect me from unwanted energies
and draw to me and to me only energy
that works with light and love.
All other energy begone."

Then imagine that you have a white light around you
and know that this light can be called upon
whenever you feel the need to have protection.

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