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The truth about the LDS Mormon Cult

There are many sources and materials which Joe Smith liberally plagarized from in order to come up with the Book of Mormon. One such work was the Spalding Manuscript. This was a work written by Christian preacher Solomon Spalding during the early years of the 19th Century. Amazingly, the theme and premise of this book is almost identical to that of the Book of Mormon. It must also be coincidental that Sidney Rigdon had such close ties to this and other works of Reverend Spalding. Click here to read the Spalding Manuscript.

Another book which was blatantly plagarized by Joe Smith to come up with the Book of Mormon was Ethan Smith's 'View of the Hebrews'. This book was published less than ten years before the Book of Mormon, in the same part of the country as Joe and family lived. Plus, Oliver Cowdery once went to Ethan Smith's church. I guess just a few more of those coincidences we are supposed to ignore, and throw away our soul on the words of Lucifer worshipping polygamists who insist they are telling the truth. Please click the following link to read View of the Hebrews by Ethan Smith.

Another source used by Joe Smith for some of his ideas were the writings of Marcion, one of the earliest heretics of the Christian Church. Interesting that this heretic shared many of the views espoused by Joe Smith. Also ironic is the fact that around the time his false claims were finally refuted by the Church is when the LDS claims the true church fell away from the earth. Please click the following link to read The Gospel of Marcion.

The LDS cult is based largely upon the "First Vision" which Joe Smith had. During this visit, much of the groundwork was laid for Joe to form his own church. Unfortunately, over the years, this vision changed. Either Joe was visited by Jesus, Jesus and God, Angels, or an angel. Likewise, his age, and the reason he went out and had this vision changed over the years as well. Please click on the following link to read eight of these "first visions' (silly me, I thought only one vision could be a first vision. 8 versions of Joe Smith's 'First Vision'.

One of the first people to write against the Mormon cult was christian preacher Alexander Campbell. Go to the following link to read his work "An analysis of the Book of Mormon with an examination of its internal and external evidences, and a refutation of its pretenses to divine authority". This was published in Campbell's paper, the Millenial Harbinger, on February 7, 1831. Click here to go to this article

One of the next leaders in the fight to expose the truth about the evil fraud being perpetrated by Joe Smith and his Mormon Cult was Eber Dudley Howe. Mister Howe wrote a damning classic, entitled "Mormonism Unvailed". It is a great look at the cult in its early days. It is also one of the first works to expose the seedy and ubscrupulous character of Joe Smith, a man who later in life would claim he did more than anyone, including Jesus. To view this classic, please click Introduction - Chapter 7, Chapter 8 - Chapter 14, Chapter 15 - Chapter 19.

A very controversial and confrontational speech made by the Mormon leadership was delivered on July 4, 1838. This was Sidney Rigdon's infamous "Salt of the Earth" speech. Please click to read the 7-4-1838 Salt of the Earth speech.

One of the best known, and most vile speeches given by Joe Smith was the sermon/discourse at the sermon for Elder King Follette, an LDS member who died earlier in the year. In this speech, Joe lays out his belief in how man can become God. This speech was given in April, 1844. Please click here to read this speech King Follett Discourse/Sermon.

On May 26, 1844, Joe Smith gave a disgusting and vile sermon, where he continued to deny polygamy, and he made outlandish claims and boasts. Please click the link to read the words of this 'humble prophet and servant of God'. Disgusting 5-26-1844 Sermon by Joe Smith.

The beginning of the end came for charlatan Joe Smith with the printing of the 'Nauvoo Expositor'. This paper, written by those in Nauvoo who were fed up with the disgusting, immoral and illegal activities of Joe Smith and company, was written to show the world what was really going on in the world of mormonism. It was only printed once, as Joe and company destroyed the presses. This led to Joe's eventual arrest and death in a blazing gunfight. Click here to read the Nauvoo Expositor.

In September 1857, one of the darker episodes in U S history took place. This is when the Mountain Meadows Massacre occured. In a nutshell, this is when the Mormons, under direct orders from Brigham 'The Butcher' Young, murdered and butchered over 100 innocent men, women and children. There only crime? They were non-Mormons who were traveling to California shortly after many blood atonement proclamations from 'the Brethren', and they were from Arkansas. This is of note because not long before, Parley P Pratt met his deserved demise in Arkansas when he was killed for showing too much interest in the wife of a married man (as if around 20 wives already weren't enough!). One great source for information on this slaughter is Mountain Meadows Massacre by Josiah GibbsIntroduction,. Another source is the Confessions of John D Lee, or, Mormonism Unveiled. Lee was the scapegoat and the only one punished for these hideous murders: Contents / Intro / Preface, Chapter 1-Chapter 8, Chapter 9-Chapter 16, Chapter 17-Chapter 25. Click here for a list of those murdered by the Mormons. For those interested in this topic, also check out the Mountain Meadows Association Site.

In 1877, a monumental blockbuster was written, exposing many of the myths of mormonism, and the absolute evil that was polygamy. This is the book 'Wife number 19', and was written by Ann Eliza Young - a woman who had the courage to escape from Mormonism and Brigham Young, to divorce Young, and write about it. To read this book, please click on the following links : Introduction, Chapter 1 - Chapter 10, Chapter 11 - Chapter 20, Chapter 21-30, Chapter 31 - Chapter 41.

Late in his life, David Whitmer wrote 'An Address To All Believers In Christ', in which he lays out how the LDS cult from Salt Lake City is wrong, and has erred. Unfortunately for Mr Whitmer, he was unable to come to the realization that he had been duped into believing the Book of Mormon was true. Nonetheless, he knew the Utah cult was not right. Please click here to read An Address To All Believers In Christ.

One major aspect of the LDS faith is the Temple Ceremony. This ceremony is supposedly inspired by God. Amazingly, even though it was inspired by God, it has been rewritten and reformatted numerous times. Please click the following links to read ceremonies from the past, as well as the current one: 1836 Temple Ceremony, 1845 Temple Ceremony, 1879 Endowment Ceremony, 1931 Temple Ceremony, 1984 Temple Ceremony, 1990 - Present Temple Ceremony.
In these ceremonies, you will read of death by revealing ceremony secrets; vowing vengeance on the United States Government for the death of Joseph Smith; mocking of Christian preachers and beliefs in the trinity, a literal hell, etc; and many other such occurences.

There are many great resources on the internet revealing the truth about the LDS Mormon cult. Please go to the following page to visit some of these links, on my 'Outer Darkness Site of the Week page' at Links - Outer Darkness sites of the week.

On the lighter side, this site also has a page with jokes about the LDS and Mormons. Please click to go to this site at: LDS Mormon Jokes.

Four of my all time favorite religious tunes are : Jesus Loves Me, Old Rugged Cross, Old Time Religion, and Onward, Christian Soldiers. Please click on the following links to read the words to these songs - Jesus Loves Me, Old Rugged Cross, Old Time Religion, Onward, Christian Soldiers.

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