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Rocky Horror, Tucson Convention, October 1&2, 1999, brought to you by the Transexual Misfits

The Tucson Rocky Horror Convention Rocked!! I've got a billion pictures!! I've split them up for the locals. Any pictures with any Transexual Misfits in them are on some of the pages, and then all the other great people at the Convention will be on the other pages. I couldn't possibly caption them all right now, so I thought this would make it easier for our audience to recognize us. When I find a few hours I'll add names to the pictures.

They are in no particular order. There are pictures from Parties, Preshows, Costume Contests, The Shock Treatment Performance, and The Rocky Horror Performance. Enjoy!!

I just added another page of pictures, they are just pics of everything.

Send me mail with any questions or comments.

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Pictures with us #1
Pictures with us #2
Pictures with us #3
Pictures of everyone #1
Pictures of everyone #2
The Rest of everything
Damn it, so I was's like 200 more

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