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Hypnotherapy & Past-Life Regression

Catt Foy

Certified Hypnotherapist

Davenport IA

(563) 323-0481

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools one can use to access the power of the human mind and consciousness. One application is the use of hypnosis for the retrieval of past life memories.

I have long had an interest in reincarnation and the process of integrating past-life experience with our present lives. By accessing our past-life memories, we are able to tap into and utilize the spirit-lessons of the past, as well as our previous skills and knowledge. In examining our past-life experiences we are better able to understand our present-day patterns and how they affect our relationships, careers, and our self-worth.

Hypnotic regression therapy has been shown to help relieve phobias and fears, alleviate painful or debilitating medical conditions, bring relief from allergies, and explain our native talents and interests. Bringing these memories into our current conscious awareness bring us closer to being whole, well-integrated human beings.

Regression can be achieved through a partnership with a hypnotherapist or alone, through self-hypnosis. I specialize in past-life therapy - sessions cost $35 and up.

For more information, or to make an appointment, click on my email address at the top of the page.

More Information on Past Lives and Hypnosis

Check out these other great sites regarding reincarnation, hypnotherapy, and past-life regression.

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Association for Past Life Research & Therapies An organization of professional hypnotists and therapists involved in past-life research. Membership $60 annually.

Karma Astrology There are few good web sites on karmic astrology, but this one offers a little more information, and a free mini-mini sample reading and the opportunity to order a more in-depth past life chart.

Reincarnation: Have We Lived Before? Read what the "sleeping prophet," Edgar Cayce, had to say about reincarnation on this page from the Association for Research & Enlightenment.

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FREE Self-Hypnosis Instruction From Wayne Perkins, educational hypnotist.

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What is a Past Life and Past Life Regression? An article about the value of regression therapy by hypnotherapist Ellen Hecht.

Top Ten Myths about Hypnosis Article by hypnotherapists Alanna F. Fox and Terril D. Starks.

National Guild of Hypnotists

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