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The Thongor Movie

This tidbit of info is from Charles R. Rutledge, a personal friend of Lin Carter. I'd like to thank Charles for sharing this, and encourage anyone else who knew Lin Carter to contribute to these pages.--Ken

Were you aware of the Thongor movie that was almost made back in the seventies? There's a two page article about it in STARLOG issue 15 from 1978. It was called THONGOR IN THE VALLEY OF DEMONS and based mostly on WIZARD OF LEMURIA. The production company was the same one that did the really bad Burroughs films with Doug McClure, though they had opted for stop motion monsters for THONGOR rather than men in suits. They had gotten as far as constructing a Lizard-Hawk model which is pictured in the magazine and looks pretty cool.

The movie had a release date of July 1979 which it obviously never met. If it had come out, it would have beaten CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982) to the big screen by 3 years!!!

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