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What does the Bible really say about creation?

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  •   When did God CREATE the heaven and the earth?
  •     What length of time did it take?
  •     What is written in the Bible?
    Very short answer is given in the Bible: IN THE BEGINNING.    
    IN THE BEGINNING, God CREATED the heaven and the earth. How many days, weeks, months, years, centuries, or millennium it took God to create the heaven and earth is not written in the Bible. Written is only, that the earth, some time after the CREATION, became without form, and void. The Bible doesn't give us the day, week , month, year or millennium of this event. The Bible does record the results of this catastrophic event brought on by God's enemy. The whole universe was negatively affected, including the Earth. Where God is involved, results are always GOOD.
    God himself approves the end result of his work and says: "It was GOOD".
    Several verses in Genesis 1st chapter show this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
    The adversary's methods and goal is: to STEAL, and to KILL and to DESTROY.
    Do NOT charge God with the ruin initiated by the adversary of God.
    The enemy caused the void and formlessness, NOT God.

        It Is Written...
    SAID on the first day
    SAID on the second day
    SAID on the third day
    SAID on the fourth day
    SAID on the fifth day
    SAID on the sixth day   
    .....................seventh day

    But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.     Proverbs 4:18

  • As I'm preparing this WEB page, I'm thinking about an exemplar by analyzing this computer that I use... The idea of the computer was developed to a desired feasible concept, than as all components were ready, it all was put together and all necessary software was loaded into it. Now you have a machine that is a great help to many in our technologically advanced world today. Prove is, that even you are using it. Right? Some computers are available to use with VOICE RECOGNITION SOFTWARE. Once the computer is ready for work, one may use their voice to "SAY" commands to it when preparing a document - for exemplar. Since the computer is ready, one does not have to go to manufacture the computer to go to prepare a document. Right? God CREATED the HEAVENS and EARTH in the beginning and all He did was "GOOD". Then, after the cataclysmic changes that followed, in preparation of the Earth to place a man here, God had "SAID" and changes took place of the existing matter He created in the beginning. God did not have to "CREATE" that which was already CREATED. God did not have to create, because all the necessary components already existed and were "CREATED" in the beginning. God is precise in usage of words to simply explain what he did. ALMIGHTY GOD uses His Words correctly and communicates to us in a clear, non confusing way. Any so called CHRISTIAN TRADITION not practiced today according to "IT IS WRITTEN" is just a false tradition, no matter how long it is propagated. "IT IS WRITTEN" are words which Jesus Christ repeatedly used. "IT IS WRITTEN" is used in the Bible 80 times, in 80 verses. God is emphasizing the importance of it. The Word of God - as originally given - is without any mistake. Word of God did not come by the will of man, as stated in the scriptures.                  

       God, for the six days mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis, starts each new day with a verse having the word SAID in it. Surely a great importance GOD is communicating here in the deliberate use of the of the word SAID. If God wanted to say CREATE, he would just say that. It is as easy to say "SAID" as it is to say "CREATE". For you and I, the word "SAID" has a distinct meaning from the word "CREATE". In God's dictionary the word "SAID" has it's direct and precise meaning, which is completely different from the word "CREATE". IT IS WRITTEN the way I showed it to you. Do you agree so far?

       At the start of each new day, the verse begins with the words "And God said". The word SAID is used by God in preparation of Earth for the life of man on it. God spoke and the Earth was renewed and the life was re-introduced back on the Earth. God commanded Adam and Eve to replenish the Earth FOR THE FIRST TIME.
    Noah, was instructed by God to replenish the earth FOR THE SECOND TIME, right after the flood. Does it say of this Earth being full before? Yes! It does! What type of life was here? Not human before Adam. What happened to it? The Bible doesn't say, but.... science discovered some evidence which is also in allignment with the true Biblical view.

       Study the word of God in detail and you will discover the wonderful truths God revealed there and you'll rejoice as the eyes of your understanding will open when you trust God's word and the revelation in it which was hidden from before the foundation of the world, but was revealed to us through holy men of God. Do not put you confidence in a man, especially not in a religious man, without double or triple checking the word of God, the Bible! Do not believe erroneous traditions and traditional teachings. Just look what the religious echelon did to Jesus of Nazareth. If today's religious echelon would hear Jesus teach, they would also do the same, because they do not and will not exactly follow that, which is written in God's word. Why do they not follow and teach what is written even though they say they do? Good question. Answer is simple: God's arch enemy wants to take advantage of those not careful enough. His aim is to destroy the truth and accuracy of God's word. He uses church people and religious high echolan somehow to twist the word of God, so it looks like the truth, but the end result God wants for mankind is not achieved. Who better to use, than those in whom the people trust, the religious leaders of this day. These people do not want hear from you any questions pertaining to the Bible, questions which they are not ready to answer. They repeat only the same passages of Bible over, and over again, and do not want you to have or read the Bible. Their own printed brochures, flyers and books are to be sufficient for you instead of the Bible. Go to the Bible for the truth and all your questions will be answered. I did!
    If you diligently seek, God will answer in due time. He did for me! He loves all that diligently seek him.

       Each one of us has the responsibility for themselves! You may blame someone else, but God's word is speciffic as to the responsibily and tells directly to the individual to study. If you have a group of like minded believers near you, join them. Most likely you have such a believing person or a group nearby... ask God and he'll answer your desire and will direct you to his children. God's beloved kids are not perfect people, but are forgiven people. They are righteous maybe not by man's standard, but they are righteous, by God's standard. True God's kids desire perfect, uncontaminated spiritual food. God's word served on a silver platter, perfect and rightly divided will sattisfy your soul and fill the void you may feel today. You know when you eat good, tasty, fresh food and you'll know when the spiritual food is uncontaminated with false doctrines and empty ceremonialism.

       What is the end result God wants for you? God wants you to have the gift of ETERNAL LIFE. You see... there is only one way to receive the gift of eternal life, and that is through Jesus Christ. Now, this is the truth!
    Jesus repeatedly stood up for to read the scriptures! Jesus came and stood up for to read the scriptures.

       Learn directly from the word of God, the Bible. Make sure to have King James Bible translation.     Why???
    I'll give you now only one hint why: compare KJV Genesis 3:15 to any other Bible translation and you'll see for yourself how the translators deliberately changed the word of God. The word SEED is translated in another Bibles to the word GENERATIONS or another similar words. It is seemingly insignificant. But let me inform you, that which seems insignifficant to you now, you'll recognize as a great error once you learn the depth of the significance of woman having seed and how God prepared a way for mankind, for whosoever to be saved.

       John spoke of people who did not stay on the truth of God's word in a way that may seem to be very harsh to us
    today. In the first century already some have lost sence of respect to God's word as presented to them by the disciples and wanted to continue in their own, or the old, traditional way of worshiping God, rejecting the present truth. In the first century, in the church already existed among believing people this type of hard hardheartedness. Today, some two thousand years later, the truth of God and his word stays the same.
    God is the same. God does not change.

       You say, you love God? Continue reading and you'll see the fork in the road of your life and will have to decide where you'll go and where you'll stand! As a follower of God, you will decide not to tolerate the manipulation of the word of ALMIGHTY GOD. You will search and find the Word of God which was originally said by God, which is fitting and rightly divided!

       Respect God and love him with all your might as the second commendmend requires. Search the scriptures and be more sure than the breath you take of the things that God promissed in his word! Search, understand and believe!

       Just think and consider, which earthly author of a book would allow to change any word in his researched, checked and truthfuly presented final material? Undesired change will alter the desired outcome of the authors work! It would be foolish to do so. Wouldn't it? The author would be insulted to say the least! Right? OK then, why are some people so eager to change God's authorative work, the Bible? How does it benefit them? Do they want the change because they want to fit it to their lifestyle, or their theological belief? Or, do they want to manipulate believing crowds for their selfish monetary gain?

       Judas did things his way. He has his own bellief. He decided to gain thirty pieces of silver for the sack he carried. His intentions seemed to him to be good. That is the way he saw it. Judas would not have done it otherwise. You can see it recorded how Judas repented himself as he recognizes the huge error he made. And what an error! Just read the record and see the evil, put yourself in that time and place and the circumstances.

       It is the same case with the intentions of those who change, twist and manipulate God's word today. According to their own sincere explanations, their intensions are good. They think and are convinced, they are helping God. They may even do it out of their deeply sincere heart. But, even the sincerity of one or many is not the guarantee for truth. Blinded to the truth, they speak PUFFY and SPIRITUALISTIC words NOT FOUND in the Bible. They will call it PROPHECY or REVELATION FROM GOD, or any other seemingly good sounding words. If it is not found in the Bible, no matter how good it sounds, it is NOT God's word! Only God`s word as originally given is the truth!

       Where is the respect for the word of the Almighty God, the ceator of the heaven and earth when one person or a group of so called believers of God change, twist, remove a word from his unchangable Word? You see, the word originally given by God is UNCHANGABLE, only the explanation or translation may be untruthful. All that is typed or said by man can be changed. Truth, as originally given by God is unchangable!

       Translations may, and do have accidental or deliberate errors. Do not trust theologians and their dead, so called spiritual explanations which go against even mine and yours common sence. The true Word of God is mostly common sence. Word of God produces through operating of the spirit, in the believing believer, the fruit of the Spirit. And the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, and many other good and desired qualities for mine and your life.
    This is what God desires for us! Good life now and ressurection and eternal life at Christs coming!

       Errors crept into the Christian Church early on, after Jesus was taken into heaven. And after the time the first century disciples died or were executed. For political, monetary and crowd controlling reasons church operators of that time introduced their own, invented, deceitful practices. First century disciples did not worship God that way, they followed Jesus's instructions. To take head and follow Jesus and his disciples, one must know how and what they taught. Many of these practices are still practiced till this day. It is your life that is on line. The decisions you make today will undoubtedly determine your eternal destiny. Just look at this "learned men", the questions he gave to Jesus and the answer he gets. In the answer - which is the complete truth - lies the answer for you also.
                                                    Nicodemus was a leader with questions looking hard in the right place to get the right answer.
    Study, dig into the depth of "IT IS WRITTEN"!
    Read and understand.



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