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1 Corinthians 3:11-16 Bible - KJV
11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.
12 Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble;
13 Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it,
   because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is.
14 If any man's work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.
15 If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss:
   but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.
16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
1 Corinthians 3:11-16 Bible - KJV                

Dear SAINT, believer in Jesus Christ.
You have been SAVED by the works of Christ Jesus! You will be REWARDED by what you do here for God.


                What exactly did the disciplined followers of Jesus Christ teach?
The Christians believe the Bible is The Word of God.   
The Word of God is God's WILL for the whole world.    
God showed by exemplar how to love and proceed.    
God did not force Eve to do his will, Eve did her own. 
God is love and he is merciful.                    

The Bible says:

   God is one!

   God is SPIRIT God has NO body of flesh and bones.

   One God of great power and infinite understanding is invisible and is wise.

   God existed before the heavens and earth were created. God is not a man.

   God is everywhere present. He is not limited by time and space or by having human body of flesh and bones , or any other shapely body made of matter. God is the one who CREATED matter in the begining.

   God created the heaven and earth in the begining. The Bible gives TIME for CREATION as being THE BEGINING. It is not speciffic to day, week, month, year, but this is the only TIME given in the Bible referring to CREATION of the Heaven and Earth.

   God restores the earth in six days and then he rested from all of his work on the seventh day. God declares that all his work is completed. The way God describes the six days event is clear by the words he uses. God doesn't say that he is CREATING for the period of the six days, but he delibaretly chooses the word "SAID" for light to be there, grass, beast and all he " SAID", was there as he "SAID" it.
God is not the author of confusion.

   God places the first man in the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve are there to work. The first coulple is instructed by God to take good care of the beautifuly planted garden. There were all visually beautiful plants and trees, where river flowed through the landscape to keep it even more beautiful. This garden is a place on the Earth. Adam and Eve receive a COMMAND from God to mutiply and REPLENISH the Earth.

   God commands Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of the good and evil, which is in the midst of the garden. Of all other trees they may eat freely. Adam and Eve have God's precise instruction and know of the deadly outcome if they disobey. Experiencial knowledge of death they do not have. They have only understanding that their life will sease if they disobey God. They must trust God to the extent that he is telling them truth. Adam and Eve were wonderfully made, in the way God formed, made and created them. They were created in God's image. God is perfect. God is SPIRIT, the image they would have created in them would be the created part, which was SPIRIT.

   God warned Adam and Eve and they knew that in the day they eat of the fruit, they will surely die. That was the TRUE information. God did not specify what kind of death this would be, only that they will die in the day they disobey. The adversary, the serpent, the Devil sold Eve his goods by lying to her. He said something totally oposite of God's instruction and she believed it and acted on it. Eve used her five sences to gather information, she saw, instead of trusting God. Adam and Eve disobeyed and it looks on the surface for a an unimformed reader that God lied, becuase Adam and Eve lived for a long time. God is not a man that he should lie, so the part that died the same day was the IMAGE they were created in, the SPIRIT within a man, the SPIRIT that Adam used to communicate with God on a daily basis. They would never die if they did not eat of the tree. Now they died SPIRITUAL death in the day they ate of the fruit and phisically they will have to die on an unspeciffic date in their future. Adam died when he was 930 years old. Other calamity also followed after the high treason of Adam and Eve. They were excluded from the garden of Eden, earth was cursed, etc. Earth was turned from the ownership of children of man to the ownership of the devil by the first human pair, Adam and Eve. Devil offered it to Jesus, he is the owner of it now, for a time being, because at one point when high treason was commited by Adam and Eve earth was delivered to God's enemy.                

   Man needed a saviour. Saviour of the whole world. Saviour to buy a man out of the curse in which man found himself from the time of Adam. Penalty was death. Death is therefore an enemy, which will be at the end destroyed.
It is just a matter of time!
Jesus paid the price almost two thousand years ago, it is finished.
Death will be destroyed at the end.
Comparing it to the eternity, our lives now are very, very short.
Not only are they short, but because of the constant presence of the thief, our human lifes are in most corners of the Earth, overall mostly difficult and we look for our help. Christians are now equipped to destroy the works of the devil. Man caused the dissaster for himself and the following generations. God who is just to all, had to allow man had do what is necessary, out of man`s own free will, to pay the redemption price. Redemption so great. Blood of goats could not do this complete job. God's character is perfect to a point that he is just even to the Devil, his enemy.

   Prior to the six days in which God restored the Earth to be able put man here, while the Earth was stil plenished, not by humans, three arch angels were responsible for the operations of the universe and earth. Lucifer. Gabriel. Michael the archangel. These three archangels had each equal number of angels in their command. Great multitudes of angels. All of them were under the rulership of almighty God, till Lucifer reblled. Satan as an angel of light, "pulled the plug" on light - so to speak. In the absence of light, the earth froze.

   Immediately after the disobedience of Adam and Eve, God informed Adam and Eve and his adversary of God's redemption plan. Not then, and not even today many understand the details of this proclamation of God. Because if they did understand it, the translators would be not permited to substitute originally God given words of this prophesy for their own words in Genesis 3:15. Seemingly they wanted to help us to understand better, but we thereby miss out on a detail of a great and deep spiritual announcement of Gods' plan in most of the Bible traslations of today. The word SEED in Genesis 3:15 was exchanged for thre word "generation" or some other word that they chosen to use. WHY? Because of their earthly thinking and their earthy puffed up knowledge. They figured, because wooman does not have a seed, but an EGG for the reproductive system to work, they figured it is ok to change the word of God to fit their own understanding. What happened, they changed the word of God to words of no effect in this particular verse. It is seemingly insignificant. But, believe me, it just seems that way. You will understand as you read on.

   God's plan was set solid before the foundation of the world.       His plan was precise. Let me go on to explain. God made the woman body and her reproductive system in a very speciffic way. Under normal conditions of pregnancy, woman's blood doesn't mix with the blood of the featus that is growing in her. If it would, there will be pregnancy complications and most likely a blood transfusion will be needed to save the life of the featus. Featus under normal pregnancy development in the womb is taking nutrition and oxigen from the mother, and the blood of the fetus stays separate and may be of different type from the mothers. Why did God made the body of a woman to function in that way? Very important issue of salvation was "on God's mind". Remember, by man came the death and ALL must die, all without an exception, because of Adam's and Eve's high treason transgretion. For woman to get pregnant, a man impregnates a woman with the proper introduction of his (seed) sperm. Man's seed contains the blood. Seed caries the blood of Adam through procreation to all the humans on this planet. Since Adam was a cause for ALL man to die and ALL of us came from Adam, we ALL have the same sinful blood in us already from our birth. It is not because we did something wrong as we were born, it is because Adam and Eve did something wrong, we ALL need a saviour. It is all about the blood that runs in our vains. Bad blood. We all have it. We all lost on the level of eternal life. God is very merciful. He prevented access of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden to the tree of life. If he did not prevent the access, we would end up as the Devil did, no help of anykind would be available to us. No even possibility of salvation. We all would have beed condemned as is the Devil and his fallen angels. God, by getting Adam and Eve out of the garden, by paying price for humans, by the sacrifice of his only begotten son, the man Jesus Christ , paid the way to get back to him and have the opportunity and certainity of eternal life. Only one thing we have to do. We have to believe that God is and believe on his only begotten son Jesus Christ . Than we may choose to accept his free gift of salvation. It is still your and my choice! We have free will. Great almighty God is not forcing us to be his children. We may decide.
We are free to do so!

   Every one is born of the line of Adam and has part of Adams' blood in him and therefore is sinfull. Each one of us is contaminated by the transgression and therefore we are partakers, not by choice, but by procreation. This sin is HIGH TREASON against God. Penalty for hight treason is DEATH. If one would understand it, wanted to do it, and so would choose to be so brave to put his life down as Jesus did, there is still a problem, because sin contaminated person may not pay the price of redemption for sinful humanity. Because of this calamity and the seemingly sealed result, Devil and his fallen angels - the princes of this world - thought that he now got the whole humanity doomed, unreddemable, without hope and so, for ever for himself. Devil thought that there is no way out of it. For the salvation to be able executed rightfully, there has to be a MAN who will be with "clean blood", or one could say "without sin", having clean blood as Adam had, before the fall of man. It is an impossibility, that is what the Devil thought. The procreation prevents this from ever happening. In his limited imagination, humanity must be and is doomed. Devil's realm was wrong again. Only his own future is sealed and unchangable.

   God had prepared redemption plan before the foundation of the world . Only one thing was in the way of God's plan and completly dependent on a man. God gave man his free will. How do I know that? Just think! If God would ever take any persons free will away, there was only one person, one human being ge would have to do it to. That person would be Eve. If Eve was not able choose according of her own free will, if God prevented her to choose, just imagine us living in the paradise! Before she went and take that apple fro the tree of knowledge of good and evil! Right? NO! No apple! It was the fruit of the knowledge of good and of evil. But we can read that God gave free will and he never ever will take that freedom away from any person at any time. Not even today! That is why you may do as you please, good or evil. You are making choices every day, minute by minute. Right? If people claim to the contrary, they lie and there is no truth in them! God is the truthful one! Even our "experiences" may be decieving. The Devil had plenty of time to devise new methods and tricks to deceive people. Eve was tricked and decieved. The serpent made her question God's word, she went along. Eve had that "image of God" in her. What do you think can happen to those who do not have it? Can they get deceived? Can such person deceive himself or herself? Who are you and who am I in comparison to Adam and Eve? Do you think that you are smarter than Adam or Eve were on things of spiritual nature? Do you believe that the Devil has less experience today with humans than he had in the time when he decieved Eve? Just think! Devil thought he won! He is still after all people and he would deceive even the elect if he could. It is impossibele to deceive them. When you accepted Jesus Christ, you fulfilled your election. You chose God's plan of salvation. Because you accepted and did what Romans 10:9+10 says and you are elect and you have powerful incorruptible SEED, which proves you are sealed for whole eternity, with the seal from God! God talks today to his people through his Word, the Bible, the prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors. If we experience or say that God says or shows us something, it always must one hundred percent align with God's written word. His written word will stay for ever to be true.

   God had to follow his own rules of truth and justice. He is a just God! He is just even to his arch enemy, the devil.

   When Adam " knew" Eve she concieved and the son that was born to her, she tought that he was from God when she had Cain. But we read what happened there.... Genesis 4:1
It took some four thousand years before a person, a believer, an Israelite, only about sixteen years young lady accepted God's plan of salvation. Mary was not informed in detail what the plan entails. At he time she accepted to cooperate with God and his plan, she was already esposed to Joseph. She was approached by the angel Gabriel, who came to her, spoke to her and informed her of what Gods intentions are. As a believer, she also was awaiting the Messiah, she decited to do according to God's word. Just imagine! She was exposing herself to a great danger. Her decission could cause her to die! She could have been stoned for obeying God! The laws were on the books and stoning could be preformed if woman was found pregnant by other that the man she was esposed to! No one would believe that God was the one placing the seed in her. Some don't believe it even today! It is beyond me, we have a=rtificial insemenation, which the people of time of Mary did not have. Why wouldn't someone believe today? Only because they don't believe that God is. They still wait for the scientists to tell them. But, namy scientists are sure today os intelligent design. Right? Yes...

   Mosaic law gave two opportunities to a man who was espoused to a woman and she was found with a child. One is: to stone her to death and the other is to give her the bill of divorcement. Both were terrible for the woman in question. The child she would bare also, if born will be rediculed, the child would be considered illegitimate. This pregnancy will be looked on by the unbelieving neighbours, the synagogue attenders and the community with an evil eye. It will be marking the child for the entire life. As if that was not enough, just read as this event develops.

   Ok, Mary said OK to God. She'll take on this job and she just trusted God for the best outcome, I'm sure. Joseph is in dilema, till the angel of the Lord comes and assures him that this is the will of God and all will be fine. Fine? Wait a minute! Man has his free will. What a scary tought. How unpredictable we all are. How foolish we can be. Just think when you were a teenager. Wow! Oh no, what a life I had! Here I'm so thankful to God! I was eighteen, escaping from a communist country, no visa to cross to western country, gun stuk to my back at the border. What did you do at eighteen or even before? Just think!

   No matter what you did or I what did, not even in the grandest way, it doesn't even slightly compare to the life of this child that was born. Born out of his house, somewhere in a city where not even the Inn could accept the parents. Middle east is normally a hospitable place. People like to invite strangers inn. But this time of the year was very bussy, everyone was on their own. The Inn is full, no comfy room, not even for this pregnant woman. Ok, today in the city of New York, a child could be born in a city taxi, right?
Angels came and were informing the shepperds of the good news. They were anouncing loudly the coming of a King. Unusual events were developping. Things that don't happen every day. Shepperds went and investicated for themselves, if it be true what they heard. To their surprise, they foud all as it was announced to them by the messengers, angels of God. If something like this would happen to you, I'm sure that your mom would be talking about it to no end, as would be mine also. It is something so special that your mom would repeat it to you hundred or even thousands of times before you'd reach twelve. Because of the Maggi, by the time the child was about two and half years old, the king of the provice, Herod kills all the male children, but Jesus again escapes with his parents. Mom has more to talk to him about as he was growing up. First attempt on his life was plotted, when Joseph may decide to stone his mother because she was found pregnant with the child and Joseph did not "known" Mary at that time. If Joseph had "known" Mary, she would be pregnant from him. Second attempt on his life was very drastic when the king Herod is so detailed in trying to kill Jesus, he really doesn't want to miss him and so he orders killing all your possible male friends in your age group. Since Jesus is at that time about two years old, by calculation of Herod, all the boys are killed, all up to age of two and half years old. What a terrible situation. How much mourning had to be there in the city by all the mothers and the fathers of these wonderful two years old boys. If that is not deep and complete attempt for one person to be eliminated from the surface of the earth, then what is? Thanks God for his angels, because it was one of these messengers of God, Jesus got away this time again with his life being spared. Nothing like this, or even close to this had happen in my young life. What about your life? Are you a threat to the arch enemy of God? Has he attempted to kill you in some way? Did that stop you from persuing Gods will and you became complacant? I assure you of one thing. Your mom or mine would be talking about it to no end, if things of such importance happened in your or mine life. I am sure of Jesus being well informed by his mother Mary of the myrr, gold and insence that the Maggi brought from far East, how their journey must taken them several months, and how the large caravan was necessary for protection on the long journey. How the preparations for this trip took detailed study by the Maggy, how they had protection to save them and their valuable cargo from the thiefs on the road. This long, long, long and very interesting story of Jesus' life and surrounding events and the center of the point of interest in it being Jesus, have must shape the heart and the believing of this young man Jesus. It was surely making him to recognize that there is something very special going on around his life. That is why, by the time he was twelve, he was about his fathers business.

   God impregnated Mary with SEED. Ecxactly how it was done is written: Holy Spirit overshadow her. This was new seed, it did not come from Joseph or any other man, it was not contaminated with sin, but it was human. God made the human body and knows of functions in it better than any doctor will ever, ever know. If the seed would come from any man, Jesus would be sinfull as any other one of us. The word of God says, Jesus was without sin, and this is why. He alone also would need the Messiah, the Saviour, if he was concieved and born the same way as we all are from the beginig of the human race. Jesus was unique, never to be duplicated all the way from the start. Jesus was man, he was fully human, but his blood was clean, because the seed that impregnated Mary was placed there by God, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, as you see it written in the Bible. Now, this one new human being, being sinless, living among the sinfull people of his time, is on a mission to save the world. We know today that he accomplished all, nothing was lacking. All was completly and fully completed.

   Jesus was born a child, he grew, he increased in knowledge. God was never born, God never grew, God never increased in knowledge, God is all knowing. God is. God always was and always will be. God has no "start up point". God has no "end point". These are terms we use because we are affected by time. God is not affected by time. Time for God exists only in relationship to our existence, Earth, universe and to the relationship of the existence of angels and the fallen angels. Angels are the extraterestrials - so to speak. When send by God, they come from the heaven to make announcements to the people and leave again to the heavens, as is it written. So, now you have it. We have evidence and know of extraterestrials. Many people seen them and spoke to them.

   Jesus is the only man born not having the seed that traveled through procreation all the way from Adam. Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. Even thou Jesus was the second son of God and he had his own will, Jesus decided not to follow his own will but to do the will of his father, the God allmighty. Jesus is unique man, he is not just a prophet, or a rabbi. Prophecies of him and his obedience to God prooves him to be the Messiah. The saviour of the whole world. Imagine! Jesus had twelve legions of angels from God available to him, at his disposal. They were there, ready to protect him at his given command. They were there and ready to obey him. Jesus through his darkest hours of life, through the time of torture must been deciding to GIVE his life for those who will believe. He had to have the outcome of salvation being completed in his mind to endure such a torture. He must have pictured all people that were saved through the time, all the way to the end of time of grace. Can you see yourself doing it for these lost people? People, who perish if they decide not to accept the free gift of God and chose not to believe? Especialy imagine Jesus and how difficult it had to be for him when he wanted to save his countryman, the Israelites, but they just keep screaming "crucify him". The pressure on his so ever trained mind, to do now his own will, to disobey for a moment! To call those angels for his help, give them just a moment with those wild poeple there screaming and spitting in his face, just a minute or two. No! Jesus stays calm, he knows that he may not decide to be like Adam. He must endure to make the salvation from eternal death available to you and me. What a strong man! Devil must have expected his victory when he seen our Jesus being crucified. If the Devil knew, he would never crucify the prince of glory! Devil may be quite powerful, but he was and is always ignorant, blinded of the matters of God!

   Let's look on one incident mentioned in the Bible. Nicodemus. Educated man, in high position as a leader in the government of Israelites. He desires to know the thing that troubled him, get the information from this unique rabbi, Jesus. He doesn't run with the regular crowd, but decides to investicate for himself. Hi doesn't trust the high religious eschelon of his time, he known of the king Herods killing all the boys up to two and half years old. Than he sees this grown man Jesus, who does only good for the people of his country, but Nicodemus hears that his own countryman, the religious leaders are looking to find a way to kill Jesus. What is going on? Is the world going mad? He must think and the curiosity drove him so far, that he finds a way to protect his position in city government and trough the night he visits the teacher with deep, deep question burning in his heart. Nicodemus is one scared believer, but for the right answer he looks in the right place. He goes directly to the Son of God. He believes to find the right answer there. Nicodemus doesn't ask Jesus if there is the kingdom of God. Nocodemus knows that there will be the kingdom of God. Nicodemus doesn't even ask where or when it is going to be fuctioning, but Nicodemus asks only how he can get there. Now, presently in his time he has some good place in the government and surely he experienced the better life because of his position. He just wants to know how to get to the kingdom of God. What is necessary for him to get there? Nicodemus finally has the opportunity to asks this question of the master, face to face. Jesus answers: unless a man be born again... what? Born again? What are you saying, master? How canone be born again? I was born once, Nicodemus thinks... I understand that I was born, I came from the womb of my mother... How would I enter back there and be born again? When a baby is bor, the water brakes and the baby comes out... Jesus sees the puzzlement of his mind and explains: unless a man be born of the water and the spirit, he can not even see the kingdom of God. This answer and the terminology used in it puzzled Nicodemus even more. Being born of water, that he understood. He was born as a child, he knows he came from the womb, but born of the spirit? Born again? From the spirit? How many nights Nicodemus must have think on this answer to his question? How ready he had to be when the pentecost had fully come...

   Born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible... What?! Yes! That is what the Bible says. Incorruptible seed. From Adam, till now all of us are born into the world, carring the corruptible seed from generation to generation. We pass it on always, without an exception, to the new generation after us. Our earthly fathers seed is realy very powerful and effective. Don't be mistaken how powerful the seed of you earthly father is. God made it that way. But no matter how powerful it is, it is corruptible. Why I say it is effective? Because no matter what you do, how you behave, whethere you be good or bad, you will always remain your father's son, or your fahers daugther. Nothing you or anyone else can do, will change that. That is the POWER of you earthly father's, corruptible seed. Why corruptible? Because sooner or later each one of us has to die and then we turn to dust, we corrupt, our bodies corrupt. Thus, this seed is powerful for a time being, but is corruptible.

   Some people say, when we die we go to heaven or hell, or purgatory or we reincarnate . What does the Bible say? The Bible says it was appointed once for a man to die. Dead people are dead and buried. The dead are buried by the living. But, but, but... how about the soul? Where does the soul go? You may ask. Let's examine the word of God on the question of human soul. Let's see what the Bible says about this. Adam had a soul. Adam was the first human to have a soul. So, if we may find the most accurate information anywhere, this should be it. Right? It is the first usage that will have the most detailed and most accurate explanation. We see here that Adams body is formed out of the duts and then God "breath" in the nostrils of Adam the breath of life. Before this step was taken, Adam was a dead soul. There it was, the body laying down, no life in it. It was formed, but not living yet. As soon as God "breathed" in Adam's nostrils the breath of life, Adam became a living soul. Breath of life, once a person has the breath of life, that person is a living soul. Person that looses the breath of life, is a dead soul. Dead people do not breath. They have no breath of life. They would have to be ressurected and have breath of life again to be called a living soul. Right? According to the scriptures you can see that a living soul is a human being that breathes on their own, whether not dead yet, or a ressurected person. Soul is a breath life.

   Just because Jesus did not call on those twelve legions of angels to help him in his time of great need, but instead decided to GIVE his life for you and me, we may to be born again. Wait! Not only he gave his life, was dead, his breath life ended for three days and for three nights. ( God doesn't die.) God would have raised Jesus immediately, if he could. God had the same capability the first monemt Jesus was dead as he had the third day. So, why did God wait three days? Person dead for three days is really dead according to the Judean law of that time. For Jesus to be declared legally dead, God had to wait. Jesus was dead for three days and nights and then, God raised him from the dead! Jesus started to breath again, he was given new body, different from the one he had before. He was once again a living soul. He han new body of flesh and bones. Jesus is alive and he is the proof that God will raise the dead as he had demonstrated with Jesus Christ. Over five hundred eye witnesses experienced the newly ressurected Jesus by seeing him to be alive and well. Jesus is today some 1973 years in his new body, alive and sitting at the right hand of God.
"Sitting at the right hand" of God is a figure of speach. Giving God human atributes, for us to understand him better.

   Perfect incorruptible seed, the seed of God! You can not corrupt it, I can not corrupt it, not even the Devil can corrupt it. If anyone at anytime could corrupt this spiritual uncorruptible seed, by any way shape or form used, than this seed would be corruptible, wouldn't it? It is incorruptible seed. And don't let any person or any false spirit tell you any other way. Be a believerr of God's word, not a non-believer! This is the plan of salvation for you and me that God drawn before the foundation of the world. It is the plan of God's grace! If we were perfect, we do not need God's grace. We strive for perfection, but on the way, we do make mistakes and need alsways the grace of God. Look at Romans 10:9+10 where the salvation formula is precisly drawn. Because if you believe that Jesus is the Son of God and God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved... no buts' or ifs' about it. You shall be saved! He who is born of God can not sin! He can not sin because he is born of God.

   Can you see how costly was this transaction that God made? Can you picture the value to have your beloved child cricified by wild mob, backed by your arch enemy? All of this was done to save your and mine life. We may nove live forever with our brother, Jesus Christ. God redeemed us for a great price. The price of the precious blood of his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. If Jesus would have it the way his will was dictating him, "take away this cup", then we ALL would be still in sin, having no more than the short life we live, having only the corruptible seed in us, which came from out earthly father. But because the life, death and the ressurection of Jesus Christ, we are able to obtain that precious incorruptible seed of which Nicodemus was informed as beign born again. It is incedible opportunity. Don't let you brother or sister pass it by. Take the necessray action!

   I am a father. I would not give my child for your life, I would not give my child not even for my own life. God, who created the Heaven and Earth, after the high treason against him, by the first humans, in his mercy makes a way for any one who accepts Jesus - his only begotten son - to get everlasting life as a free gift of God's grace. We receive this gift freely, not by us working for it a little or hard, or going through some difficult procedure of our punishment, but as a gift to those who believe God what he promissed. Believe that Jesus is the son of God and that God raised him from the dead and you shall be saved, born again, have the incorruptible seed, all meaning the same thing, have everlasting life. Why not? God made this available, because he so loved the world.

   God loved the world. I love people also. I love those who are my family in God's family circle. I was made an Ambassador for God. I did not ask for this position, I did not even know it was available to me as a believer. God made me to be his representative here on the Earth, not because that I am aperfect person, but on the contrary! I believed and he rewards those who believe! I tell you truth when I say that I did not deserve this great opportunity! I was not able, I was was not smart enough, and most of all, I was a sinner! I still fall short! I am one blessed of God just because of his immesurable mercy! I only therefore want to speak truth as His representative. As God showed me in his Word, the opened riches available to all who believe, I will share and teach. I ask for no money from any person, nor I deserve any praise. Praise God in my stead and his name glorify only! I am truly free. I will tell you details of my experience with God. I'm preparing this long testimony and putting it in writing. This will bless you immesurably, that even when I was not always the obedient child of God, how God saw the desires of my heart to place him always first and how he blessed me for it. I'm sure you have your story of God's blessing in your life!

   It is your choice what you decide to do with this information. I invite you to be a believer if you did not decide yet. Just think, if you are a father or a mother and you see your child dying, becuase of the sins of the world, and your child was always obedient to you, and this payment with blood was necessary, there was no other way to do this salvation plan... now you did all that was necessary for the people to come and take freely of this savalion that is paid for, what would you do, or what could you do for those who refuse? You already warned them, through your word, through the prophets, through your teachers, through the apostels, you called them again and again. You showed that this is the ONLY way to God... In your face you see your child dying, that scene will never go away, it was a horrible and a long lasting sight. Not because they are good now, but because you paid for them. You want them to come as they are and only believe, take freely. Just picture this scenario. You have your own free will. God will never take your free will away! You have to decide and make the step towards God by your believing. Do not put it away for tommorow. Tommorows come and go for many, but for some they never come. Do make a decistion to believe God is best to do right now. As an Ambassador of God, I relay this good news to you that you may be well informed to be able to make and educated decission. People attempt to take others free will away, or they at least try very hard to do so. God is love. He is always good! He only calls people to himself, to come of their own will. No force, no membership, only call of love. So, what did you decide to do?

   God bless you and I pray for you that this information may be of help to you and yours.