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We are The NADS Softball Club...."NADS" is actually an acronym for the North American Doppelganger Society. Webster defines "doppelganger" as "a ghostly apparition of one's former self"....which most of us are.

Being blessed with a temperate climate, we start practice the 2nd week of January. Our annual schedule runs from early February to mid November with three 14 to 18 game seasons (spring, summer, fall) and includes a tournament and a three-week break in between each. During the "breaks" we try to fill in with an outside tournament here and there.

We have been in existence for almost seven years with the bulk of our players coming from the same place of employment (Anozira Door Systems). Not exactly a hotbed, as recruiting environments go, we have over the years developed a nucleus of talent (see ROSTER )from that pool and gradually added players in key positions from outside the company.

We finished the '97 campaign with a 31-23 record, won 1 tournament and finished no worse than last in the other two. In the Spring '98 season we finished 13-1 and won our first league championship (see Schedule ). However, in the ensuing tournament we won our first two games, but lost a 13 to 12 'squeaker' to the eventual tournament champions, The WIRED Weasle Weenies.

Due to a technical snafu of almost Biblical proportions (see NADS News ) we are not in summer league play for the first time since the team's inception. Consequently, we are trying to get into more tournaments where possible. Fall League play is scheduled to begin the second week of's gonna' be a long summer....

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