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Information and resources for gardeners

A selection of recommended links from my travels round the internet.

Organisations providing useful stuff online

Homegrown Goodness forum - THE best community on the net for seed enthusiasts
Organic Seed Alliance - provides info on breeding and trialling crops for organic culture
Seed Ambassadors - a team of devoted seed stewards generously sharing their wares

Cultivation and variety information

Beetroot - a fabulous eBook generously provided by its author, Stephen Nottingham
Chileman - comprehensive info on all kinds of peppers and a huge varietal database
Chillis Galore - info, tips and annual diaries about UK chilli cultivation
European Cultivated Potato Database - aimed at potato professionals, but very useful
TomatoLand - a haven for tomato enthusiasts

Where to get heritage and heirloom seeds in the UK
Association Kokopelli - the UK branch has around 1000 varieties for sale
Blogger Seed Network - global online seed swap!
Heritage Seed Library - subscription-based, a subsidiary of the charity Garden Organic
Irish Seed Saver Association - membership based, but will sell seeds to non-members
Plants of Distinction - lots of great stuff, particularly good for tomatoes and peppers
Real Seeds - tried and trusted open-pollinated seeds for the home garden
Seed saving
Basic Seed Saving - an online resource from the International Seed Saving Institute
Corn and squash seed saving - illustrated guide from Native Seeds/SEARCH
Why Save Seeds? - an explanatory article from ISSA
Resources for amateur plant breeders

Bishop's Homegrown - personal blog of plant breeder Alan Reed Bishop, worth a look!
Dehybridisation - a few words from Carol Deppe on the deconstruction of F1 hybrids
Peace Seeds - website of the legendary public domain plant breeder Alan Kapuler
PGene - a searchable list of pea genes, hosted by the John Innes Centre
Polyploidy Portal - a crystal clear explanation of polyploids (multi-chromosomes)
Tater Mater forum - talk tomatoes with the man who brought us Green Zebra
Tomato Genetics Resource Center - a search facility for genetic info on tomatoes

Recommended books
Back Garden Seed Saving - Sue Stickland
Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties - Carol Deppe
The Potato Book - Alan Romans
Seed to Seed - Suzanne Ashworth
The Seeds of Kokopelli - Dominique Guillet

Contacting me

I welcome feedback on the site and on my garden activities and you can email me through "contact" at "". However, it's only fair to explain that I get vast amounts of correspondence about both my music and gardening activities, and at times when I'm busy I simply can't cope with replying to them all. If you have a general cultivation query you may get a quicker response by joining the Homegrown Goodness forum, the friendliest and most knowledgable bunch of people I know.

For permission to reproduce my text or photographs please apply to "permissions" at "".

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