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Articles from Daughter of the Soil

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These articles originally appeared on the Daughter of the Soil blog. Rather than duplicating content, clicking on these links will take you to the relevant blog entry.

Plant breeding in the home garden

How to hybridise peas - hand-pollination of peas for beginners
Another earlier article about hand-pollinating peas
How to hybridise tomatoes - hand-pollination of tomatoes for beginners
The joy of genes - what beautiful diversity results from a single cross
The joy of Mendelian segregation - how nature makes order from randomness
Oh my God, it's got red pods - an exciting unexpected outcome in one of my projects
You can find extensive information on the blog about my various plant breeding projects.

Sustainable vegetable gardening and seed saving

Commercial F1 hybrids - how F1 hybrids are used to exploit and control seed markets
F1 hybrids: what every gardener should know - why F1 seed is poor value for money
Seed saving guide - a very brief guide to saving seed from various vegetables
Saving seed from tomatoes - detailed instructions!
TPS (True Potato Seed) - what it means and how to raise potatoes from seed

The wider issues
GM contamination? It's all God's fault, apparently - a few thoughts on GM
Contaminated manure
- the UK suffered devastating aminopyralid poisoning in 2008
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