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DRAGONS!! The word use to strike fear in nearly every mans body as he imagined himself confronted with a two ton dragon, inhaling as much air as possible, getting ready to burn you to the ground.

Nowadays, people believe that dragons are just make believe creatures, or that they only exist on some other undiscovered planet. But, I believe that we, mankind, early on whiped out the Draconian race for ourselves to set foot upon this land.

So I am now making this page for the memory of Dragons on this planet.

Dragons are the most beautiful creatures in the entire world of art.Allthough some people don't believe they exist, many of us know they are wrong.

Dragons are mysterious creatures, and have been eludding detection from us for many centuries now. We have to respect them for their ability to not be detected from all of our "magical" help.

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The Draco Gallery! The new gallery!

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Deeper into the dungeon

Go to The gallery for the best pictures I can find!

1/6/2001 - New Year, hope you all had a great New Year :) I got friends web page you need to check out, it is here. Go take a peek.

12/23/2000 - I got a new image in, here it is.

8/28/2000 - Here's a good email I got from someone pertaining to the good's and evil's of dragons

I have my own opinion about Dragons being good and evil. I actuly think all Dragons are good, but it depends on the people that come up to one. If one person is grumpy and in a bad mood, that person may tend to make a Dragon mad, witch may make that person beleve that Dragon is evil. But, if a person in a good mood comes up to a Dragon, the Dragon will have no reason to get mad at this person, giving it the impresion that it is a good Dragon. Thanks for reading, Cheetaclaw

6/18/99 - Wow, it's been a month since I've really worked on this page, but in the meantime go to my best friends Web Page. It has The Roxbury, Goo Goo Dolls, Daria, and more :) Check em out!

5/18/99 - Added a cool picture to the site that my friend sent me.

3/23/99 - I have been having some trouble finding pictures of Puff the Magic Dragon. I would be very appreciative if you could help me in locating some. Thanks :)

3/19/99 - I added a little to the Puff section, and added the little search thingie below so you can search for Dragon books, which is recommended to do :)

A good book to start on is Talking to Dragons(by Patricia C. Wrede). It's about a King who lives in an Enchanted Forest where dragons are supposedly running amok, and he has to try and restore the forest to the way it was before. There are 4 books in this series, going in order: Dealing With Dragons, Searching for Dragons, Calling on dragons, and then Talking to dragons.

Another good series starts out with Dragons of Autumn Twilight. The books in this series is Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, Dragons of Spring Dawning, and Dragons of Summer Flame.

2/14/99 - Hey, Happy Valentine's day to you all :) Mine was great. I'm currently working on creating a Puff the Magic Dragon section. :)

1/24/99 - Here is an an awesome story that you should definitly read!

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