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PWP Writer's Links

1st Books offers an economical alternative for self-publishing.

Stasis Publishing Arizona Publisher of electronic books --e-books--using encrypted PDF format.

Writers Guild of America

Prescott Area Poets Association

NARWA - Northern Arizona Romance Writers of America

The Library of Congress

Association of Authors Representatives

Dynamic Writers

Internet Writers Guild

Publishers' Weekly

Arizona Commission on the Arts

Writers Digest

National Writers Union

Fiction Writers Connection

Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page

iTools is a research Web site that offers many capabilities writers would find useful, such as Dictionary, Thesaurus, Translator, Rhyming Dictionary, Quotes search, Maps and many, many more. Well worth a bookmark.

Romance Writers of America is a national site that provides links to thier local sites.

Mystery Writers of America - Established in 1945 to promote and protect the interest and welfare of mystery writers and to increase the esteem and literary recognition given to the genre.

The Quill Society is an online writing club dedicated to young writers. As a member, you can meet other young writers from other parts of the country and world and you can read what others have written, and have them read yours. You can receive constructive criticism from the Board of Critics, suggestions and guidelines from the Mentors and editing suggestions from the QuillEd. But then, Quill is not just about writing. It's a society of friends that share a common interest. Here, you can expect to receive support, encouragement, friendship and counseling.

SciFi Arizona was created and is maintained by published Science Fiction author Michael McCollum. On this award winning site, writers can find articles on writing science fiction and on topics that apply to all genres. McCollum also offers his fiction for downloading. Well worth the visit.

The Children's Writing Resource Center is a gathering place for aspiring and professional children's writers.

Screenwriter's Utopia is a site for writers interested in TV and Movie screenplays and offers valuable articles on the art, as well as interviews and links.

Arizona Authors Association is a state wide organization for writers, similar to the PWP, but on a larger scale.

Manuscript Editing - Linda Lotman

Other areas of interest:

For information about the Prescott area, check out Moving to Prescott

Prescott Elks Lodge #330

The Big Hub is a megasearch engine for browsing the Internet. Input your search information and search multiple search engines simultaneously. A very handy sight.

Ask Jeeves is an internet search engine designed to use normal language to ask questions. For example, WHERE CAN I FIND PICTURES OF A DUCKBILLED PLATYPUS? A very useful approach.

Northern Light is a strong research Internet search engine highly recommended by PC Magazine.

MSN Hotmail - Free e-mail

ZD Net Mail - more free e-mail

Research Buzz provides information on current search engines and provides searching tips.

ZoneAlarm - The web is filled with hackers and one tool to keep them off your computer when you're connected to the internet is ZoneAlarm. This free program is a highly rated firewall that keeps hackers from accessing your computer while you're online. If you spend anytime online, download and install this program!

Analog-X POW - This free software allows you to block selected pop-up advertising on Web pages you frequently visit.

WinZip File Compression Software - At this site you can download a shareware version of WinZip. If you want to download programs from the Internet or send large files to others, this program is a must.

Download Accelerator - This program speeds up the download process and also enables you to resume a download if it was interrupted. A great little tool to have.

FTP Explorer - FTP stands for File Transfer Protocal. There are a large number of FTP sites on the Web; an FTP program allows you to access and download/upload files in batches. A must if you are managing your own Web page.

ICQ - an instant messaging program and service offered for free. It enables you to see when your Internet buddies are online and lets you chat with them.

eFax - If you would like to be able to receive faxes, but don't want to buy the machine, or you can't afford a separate fax line, eFax is the answer. This free service gives you a fax number that will convert faxes to e-mail.

Lawoffice - have some legal questions? Check out this free site.

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If you know of a web site of interest to writers that is not listed here, please e-mail Tom Wright with the URL and information on the site.