Terry D. Sonntag

Personal Property Advisor and Artist


Market Advisory and Downsizing

A cost saving service to assist clients not requiring appraisals. Decide what to keep, sell or donate with professional aid.

Informed Value Opinion

Most clients are seeking an informed value opinion rather than a formal appraisal. Many assignments are simply to determine the item(s) value because the owner wants to sell or is considering making a purchase. This client is merely seeking an informed value opinion that is objective and unbiased in order to make their decision. A professional advisor can determine what level of service you need, how to assist you correctly and the standards required to perform the assignment.

Verbal Evaluation

A verbal "approximation of value" is appropriate for your requirements when written documentation is not necessary. This method is fast paced and research is conducted only when needed. There may be some risk of error without market research or comparative valuation. Contact Terry to discuss your market advisory and downsizing needs.

Formal Appraisal

Before you decide you need an appraisal, you should understand what an appraisal is, what it entails and clarify whether it is a legal requirement for your specific situation. A formal appraisal is potentially a written legal document supporting a value opinion generated for specific use.

Formal Report

Written reports are required for many purposes, such as: taxes, insurance, divorce, damage claim, estate distribution, bankruptcy and probate. Contact Bill Novotny for your appraisal needs.