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The flash on this page are unique in that only one effect can be used per request and no images or sound can be included.

Like the SWISH sites listed below, you can choose your text, text color, background color (must be a solid color), font style and banner size and whether or not you want your request to loop (Note: not all effects work with a loop).

Not all webtv/msntv boxes are created equal, that is because folks, for different reasons, have different versions of the upgrade on their units, with that in mind not all units will be able to see all the effects. A pc user will be able to view all of these effects.

If you would like a flash banner from either the SWFX flash program or the SWISH flash program you can send an email request to either:

Also you can post a request in our flash newsgroup:


The flash effects on this page are from the SWFX flash program, to see and choose effects from the SWISH flash program, vist the following websites:

Timberwolf's SWISH flash website
Mimer's SWISH 2 flash website

When making a request from this page, please name the effect that you would like...for example: f3_pjdown.

The banners in the following menus are 400 x 100 in size and are made with the Arial font. When you see a banner with a white background, that indicates the particular effect looks best on a white or light colored background...

If you have problems with the FX menus on this page, PLEASE try this link: