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The Day America Stood Still ~Outsider LuLu

The Terrorism Paintings~September 11, 2001

Terrorism in America #1~ The Tragedy

Yesterday, September 11, 2001, terrorists bit off a chunk of the United States…the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and a piece of the Pentagon. Many people died…four planeloads of people, more people were crushed in the rubble, some jumped, some people suffocated, others were killed by flying concrete and steel, and rescuers...the firemen, police, EMTs died trying to save those with breath still in their bodies.

By noon all of the major cities of our nation shut down…evacuated, a surreal movie filled our brains, teevee replaying the collapse over and over and over, people in the street had their eyeballs scratched by minute bits of skyscraper debris. The President, Vice President, and Congress were swept away to safe havens. All air traffic stopped. Our border with Mexico was closed. America went on highest state of alert. The military was called in.

Then everything went quiet.

Where are the planes that roar though the skies?

Where are the cars that fill the streets?

Where are the boats that fill the river?

Where are the children that skateboard and bike and giggle and shout?

Where did our freedom go?

What was nothing yesterday is everything today, September 12, 2001. --------------------------------------------

ALL proceeds from the Terrorism series will be donated to The Red Cross, NY Firefighters, NY Police, and victim funds.

My heart goes out to all who suffered loss.


Time Capsule

Today, September 17, 2001, I am gathering things...a newspaper, 4 of these paintings, photos of lower Manhattan from my trip there last summer, a video, pictures of my family, an email from a man that once loved me, a drawing from my nephew to me, a yin/yang charm, an endangered earth sticker, a photocopy of my Dad's letter, a songbird's feather, a peace symbol, valentines, a CD, and anything else I find later put into a time capsule. I plan to bury it tomorrow, one week since the disaster.

When I unearth it in 10 years I hope the United States will still be free and vibrant. Peace.


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