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Yahoo Group

Here is the link to Patience Quilters Yahoo Group. The Yahoo Group is for members only.

If you are having difficulty login in to the Yahoo Group try and follow the guide shown below.

In order to be able to join any Yahoo groups you have to have a Yahoo ID. If you do not have one. Click here to see the guide how to make a Yahoo ID.

First of you have to be a member of the Group. If you are not a member of the Group Click here.

You have to login to see the different things we have in the Yahoo group. In the upper right corner is a link you click on to log in Click on the text Sign In. Then you will see this sign in to yahoo. Type in your Yahoo ID and Password. If you want to be signed in check the Keep me signed in. Click the button Sign in and you will now be returned to the Yahoo Group Patience Quilters.

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