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magic johnson

Earvin Johnson Jr. or Magic Johnson as he is known is a living legend in the basketball era. This site has the best of information a fan needs to know about this magnificent player. The site has biography, summary and complete stats etc. All suggestions and advises to improve this site are welcome. Please contact at the address below.

Earvin Johnson was a revolutionary player, who, at 6-9, was the tallest point guard in the leagues' history. His ball handling techniques, dribbling and scoring was admired by his fans. His fans that have seen him play have an indelible memory of what they had witnessed. From the very beginning when he stepped in the court till the time the game finished, Magic had his fans to their feet, applauding at each movement he made. His sublime talent elicited wonder and admiration from even the most casual basketball fan. He was a member of five championship teams. Magic won the Most Valuable Player Award and the Finals MVP Award three times each. He was a 12-time All-Star and nine times became member of the All-NBA First Team.

magic johnson
magic johnson

Johnson led the league in assists per game four times, with 10.5 in 1982-83, 13.1 in 1983-84, 12.6 in 1985-86, and 12.2 in 1986-87, and set a record for most career assists. He also led in steals with 3.43 per game in 1980-81 and 2.67 in 1981-82. Unlike most guards with high assist totals, however, Johnson was also a prolific scorer, four times averaging more than 20 points a game.

Johnson coached the Lakers very briefly during the 1993-94 season, winning only 5 of 18 games, and attempted a comeback with them in 1995, but retired again after playing in only 32 games.

The Magic Johnson Foundation was established in 1991 as a single-disease organization that worked to raise funds for community-based organizations dealing with HIV/AIDS education and prevention programs. In addition to health programs, MJF also provides programs to meet the educational needs of urban residents.  The programs include scholarships and technology grants to individuals and community-based organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to the communities which they serve.