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Joan T Smith



I like to paint the things I love! Depending on my mood of the moment, that could be anything from cats to cars, or even the Farmer’s Market&ldots;It’s exciting to watch my subject come alive in beautiful color as I go from the first washes to the details that are the most fun part of painting for me. Although I have worked with many differing mediums, I find watercolor the most relaxing and satisfying of the ones I’ve tried. I probably would be considered mostly to be a “Vermont Artist” because local scenery, people and events provide the main body of inspiration for my paintings. However, I feel that the mood and feeling of my work is pretty universal in scope and that the appeal of my art is in no way limited by the recognizably Vermont and New England scenes or subjects depicted. I paint what I see around me and believe that most people can relate to my paintings in a positive and nostalgic way. My “Ben and Jerry’s” was accepted into the Vermont Watercolor Society's Green Mountain Gallery show and “Montpelier Marketplace” was in the Governor’s Office show.


Joan T Smith

PO Box 403

Montpelier, VT 05602




Beach Lover

Caught In The Act

New Golden Oldie






8" x !0"

9.6" x 7.2"

13.5 " x 10.5"




SOLD at Visions of Vermont in Jeffersonville


This is the life! A sand chair near the water is all this beach loving guy can ask for. He could watch that water for hours!

Everybody knows that crows like to steal things. When the chair's occupant comes back to read, his glasses will be gone! The crow is caught in the act

What a fabulous car! It was parked in the restaurant parking lot in St. Petersburg at lunchtime and I took a picture of it to paint. The background's made up.


Ribbon at Paletteers' summer show