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Vision of a Paletteers Website:


Home Page:

"	featuring images of Pierre and the Aldrich Public Library

"	Links to

o	Who we are (history)

o	Meetings and art shows

o	Scholarship Program

o	Members

o	Join (Link to pdf Member Application Form)

o	Contact (Link to Board Members page)


Who we are (history) page:

"	Images of summer art show (past) and Milne room art show (present)

"	Text including brief history of the organization

"	Links to

o	Board Members

o	Bylaws

o	Back to Homepage


Meetings and art shows page:

"	List of 2012 meetings and shows

"	For each show, a link to a separate page highlighting that show, including

o	Show dates and place

o	Registration information

o	Show guidelines

o	Return to Meetings and art show page


Scholarship program page:

"	Description of scholarship program

"	Links to

o	Scholarship program application form (pdf)

o	Return to Homepage


Members Page:

"	Complete list (alphabetical) of Paletteers members, possibly including town/city of residence

"	Links to individual members' pages for those who have them.


Board Members page:

"	List of all board members, town/city of residence, and image of email address

"	Return to Homepage link


Bylaws page:

"	Current Bylaws

"	Return to Homepage link