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And the Moon shone down


And all my sweet sisters
filled the room
our voices a melody
of star flares

And the Moon smiled down
and edged a little lower
playfully peeking in the window
with her full face.

She wanted to read poetry too
but no one noticed her excited winks
or bounces --
we were all ensconced
by our cozy exploding novas

And when we went outside
the Moon zenithed
and bathed us with her own song
full of white blossoms
shining alone from full, dark bushes
and lulling violin insects
guiding us home for the night
and home was us,
for a while, at least.

And when the moon went to sleep
for the night,
we all climbed into our cars
and drove off on different angles
that somehow stayed connected
and we dreamed
of the ocean dark and friendly
and swimming with her bright orb
bobbing among us.

                                            - Rachelle Hosty

Rachelle wrote this poem after many women from Loosely Identified performed a reading at Duff's, as part of the River Styx series and in celebration of the release of our anthology.