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Loosely Identified is a women's poetry writing group based in St. Louis, Missouri.  We have a long history, for a writing group; our roots go back some 40 years.  We are, as our name implies, relatively free of structure and have nevertheless managed to continue through time and maintain a core sense of purpose and continuity.  We support each other's writing.  We frequently give poetry readings, and have been a semi-regular 'event' in the local River Styx poetry reading series. 

Our chapbook, Breathing Out, is a compilation of the best of our work.    We wanted to put out something that described who we were as a group, and we liked the idea of being able to leave audiences at our readings with something in hand to remember and reconsider the poems they'd listened to.  

The chapbook was published by (and became the inception of) Cherry Pie Press.  We sold and gifted so many copies that Breathing Out is now officially out of print.