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Tsuki no Kage

~The Shadow of the Moon~

Welcome to Valauiel's Website, Tsuki no Kage. Please enjoy your stay.

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All images and characters depicted on this site are copyrighted to Jeremy Moll (AKA Valauiel and Heartless Angel). You have full permission to browse, but use of the characters or images without my permission will be dealt with accordingly.

Recent updates: Good God, I haven't updated this page in years. I have completed several sketches which will be uploaded to my DeviantArt account (see link at top of page) shortly, and I'll be redoing every profile and whatnot with updated information eventually. I'm working on transitioning this stuff to a larger site due to the limited free hosting provided here, details will be added soon. In other news, I have a working title for the project now, "Memory of Truth."

09/10/07: Aislyn and Lucien have been modified to reflect a different eye style, which looks much better. Aislyn's costume is now black and purple instead of black and red, Lujein has been completely altered and now fits the 'Blood God' description and actually feels somewhat evil, Emirasu's shading has been upgraded and her staff completely changed to a much better form. I'll be getting to the profile modifications shortly, as well.

9/24/07: Modified Thorn's picture. This was one of my oldest works and had no shading or anything done, and the coloring on a lot of it bugged me. The sleeves were too wide, his right hand was too big, the shaft of his weapon had no runes, and his outlines just plain sucked. It now looks a LOT better; check it out on the gallery page!

10/18/07: Posted an updated World Map, complete with City Names and significant places or geographical regions. Posted Sphyre's picture to the Gallery. The profiles section is going to be heavily modified shortly, so his information is omitted until then. He is also excluded from the Group image at present as I have changes in mind for Celcia also, and will be touching up my older characters (specifically Dae Eredin.) I prefer to do this all at once rather than wasting time to update it every time I make a change.

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