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FanArt & *Stuff* Ver. 2.0

WARNING: On many of the pages there is music, so please turn your speakers down if need be!

Alright, so, many of you have told me that they have not removed Rurouni Kenshin from Cartoon Network. Thank you! They have simply moved it to another time and date. You can now find Kenshin on Saturdays at 8:30(centeral time). I'm so glad, I just love Kenshin, and Sanousake. They're my favorites! Another good show you should all go check out, if you can stay up that late, is TRIGUN. I LOVE this show. It's on sunday-thrusday at 12:00(central time again). You should really see it, or tape it. I saw three episodes of it and was hooked, well, I was hooked on the frist one.
FanArt & *Stuff*

Welcome! This is FanArt & *Stuff* Ver 2.0! I finnaly got a new layout! I just thought my site needed a little change. Thank you SO much Heba of Black & Pieces For giveing me this great layout! Go to her site! See her greatness!
Ok, anyway, this layout is in honor of the man himself, the HERO OF TIME!!!! Well, you all know how obsesed I am with the legend of zelda games, this probably came as no suprise to you. I was going to do it sooner or later.
The navigation is easy, all you need to know is how to read. You can find everything you need below. Remember, Nothing in this site has changed, just the layout. So Enjoy!
FanArt & *Stuff*

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***Disclaimer: No, I don't own any of the Charaters in this fan art, and neather do the other artists here. But we do own all original charaters of course. We also did all the work, so keep your hands off it unless you get the permission of the artist! So there, :p***

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