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So ya want to get your art on my site huh? Well it's pretty simple.

1: No nasty stuff. Keep it clean!( Some one asked me about kissing in their pics. Yes, but it must be in good taste!)
2: I need to know what show (or whatever) it's from. Because though I do watch a lot of anime, I haven't seen them all.
3: Who is it? What are their names? 'Cause I'd just like to know.
4: What's your name and e-mail address? Do you have a website? But of course if you don't want your e-mail to be public just say so.
5: You can send me your fanart through e-mail but if your art is already on the web just give me YOUR PICTURE'S url. I don't want to have to look all over the site for your picture.

There, pretty painless right?

Well, it IS if you follow the rules.

You can mail me at and we'll talk about your pic!
Send in those pictures!