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Kitty Baskets




Gentle, protein-rich conditioning hydrocortisone shampoo that helps stop itching.

Pounce Hairball Treat

While some cats don't mind taking a hairball treatment, others will do anything not to! Pounce Hairball Treatments were made for. It's the famous, irresistible Pounce taste, but hidden inside is an effective treatment gel center that helps to eliminate existing hairballs and prevent new ones from forming.

Pounce Tartar Control These delicious, crunchy treats help reduce tartar buildup on your cat's teeth.


 The Spill-Less Smart Bowl will instantly improve your pet's table manners. Instead of food falling out of the bowl or water sloshing over the side, the Smart Bowl's innovative design redirects the contents back into the bowl.

Cat Ball with Fur Mouse
Hours of fun are guaranteed, as your kitty tries and tries to get the furry mouse out of the middle of this 6" plastic ringed ball. Lots of bright color and a springy mouse in the center will delight your kitty and provide exercise and entertainment.

Cats love to the exhilarating natural experience they get when they sniff, nuzzle, eat, and roll in catnip.


Some products may vary if not in stock.



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