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Puppy Baskets




Combo Brushes Bristle/Pin

Make everyday grooming faster and easier Bristle/Pin Combo Brushes. For a more healthy, shinny coat.    

Tearless Protein Shampoo

Tearless Protein Shampoo is formulated to be mild and gentle yet clean thoroughly. Tearless formula will not irritate the eyes or sensitive skin.

Liver Treat

Dogs will do just about anything for a Liver Treat! Made with fresh liver.    

T Bonz

T Bonz, your dog will think it's a real steak! Spoil your best friend anytime.

Raw Hide Chews

Raw Hide Chews.  Here's an easy way for pet owners to provide their dogs with good, daily dental health. Plaque Attackers are flavor enhanced making them irresistible to dogs.  

Chew Toys

Chew toys, they're soft and fetchable and extra squeezable. He/She will really love them.

Stainless Steel bowl

Stainless Steel bowl for easy eating for your pet, and easy clean up.

Some products may vary if not in stock. 


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