"I am always at a loss how much to
believe my own stories."
-Washington Irving, Tales of a Traveler, 1824


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Government records by their very nature are dry, uninteresting compilations of facts. Often produced with the intent of providing a historical record, they're chief aim is to reconcile fiction with reality. Reports often are produced to sum up an event; a clarification of the whats, whys and whos surrounding the event. A report produced on the tails of an investigation has this purpose in mind with the additional heaviness of legality. Investigations aren't usually generated out of a perception US law or security hasn't been compromised. Due to this, they often garner a lot of public attention.

Not since Kenneth Starr has a report generated so much public interest as Robert Mueller's. Written on the heels of investigating meddling in the 2016 US elections by Russia, its highly anticipated release by elected officials and the general public alike was palpable. With all the players of a Shakespearean production - kings, princes, courtesans, spies, agents, royal subjects and even a few jesters - it had the elements too - conspiracy, corruption, collusion and . . . more >

Recently, while sifting through items in the family home, preparing for its sale, I came across a government document from 1963. It was the Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 88th Congress, First Session. While it may be a strange publication to encounter in the average home, there was no surprise around its discovery. Nay; in its place was excitement and curiosity. My mother, the former matriarch of our extensive family, was politically involved. Some may argue she was politically obsessed. This particular item, while being mundane as most government records are, held a special curiosity for me. The official document of record for the U.S. Congress of December 5, 1963, it gives an accounting of government business in the wake of JFK's assassination. Due to her interest in politics and having herself a profound connection to Texas, there was no mystery as to why Mom had hung onto it.

Of course, the first thing I did was look up everything Congress did related to the President's death. With no index to go by, this I was sure would prove an impossible task, but actually it was fairly simple. Nearly . . . more >

Mary Ellen Flora is a spiritual teacher, healer, clairvoyant reader and retired reverend. She has been sharing her insights on spirituality for nearly fifty years, and - along with her husband the Reverend M. F. Slusher - co-founded the Church of Divine Man/CDM Psychic Institute which reunites spiritualism with Christianity. A teacher and strong proponent of meditation, she encourages her students to turn within for the answers they seek. Flora lectures and gives demonstrations throughout the Pacific Northwest, in both the US and Canada.

Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening holds many things. It holds the promise of centering us, which holds an array of benefits from reducing anxiety to filtering out the noise of the day that's not beneficial to us. In turn, meditation can increase our awareness of what's important, thereby assisting us in prioritizing. It can also be a portal for heightened creativity and connectivity with the . . . more >


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