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Thanks to everyone who added quotes to this. I salute you :)

This site has the best coverage of the Fantômas live show at the Mean Fiddler, London July 17th. There will not, I repeat will not be another site with as much extensive coverage as this one, guarenteed!

Nevermind with the ol complaints cos I never check my mail and I don't really care.

Latest News / Updates

07/03/02 - Woaah long time no see from this site. I felt it's too hard to compete with bunglefever and all that and I found it hard trying to be different from everybody else, and too many bastids seeing faults in my lyrics n stuff. I won't be updating this no mo, cos Fantomas are either real active or they're sleepy. I remain the site active though cos I hear people still like my lyrics which is nice. Cheers to Jacob for moving my ass and gettin something done about this site. By the time you read this, any faults I see will be fixed like this big ass font I used to have.
Cheers for all the emails people have sent me, praises and death threats, and no...I can't get your band a gig with fantomas!!! You know who are you are if you wrote that!
If you wanna contact me, fuck the contact link there, i cant be bothered to change them all on every page, so just click here to go to my new address. If you're bored: a) go buy yourself a copy of Super ae by the Boredoms and b) smile. See yaw ya crazy kids.

05/09/01 - Hey kids, didn't you hear? The Director's Cut Sucks! But don't take my word for it, check out the Metal Hammer review in the Articles, cos they know what's best!

08/08/01 - Yet more pics of the Mean Fiddler gig, as well as a review in the articles section. More info about the American tour with Tool will be up soon. Keep dreamin.

21/07/01 - 16 live pics at the Mean Fiddler are up. At least someone got their camera in. I highly doubt anyone got a video camera in their, so I wouldn't try looking for a video of the Mean Fiddler gig.

20/07/01 - Fantômas were awesome! Clearly one of the best gigs I have seen. Some pictures have been added to the pictures site from that guy so check them out! But I need more pictures because they wouldn't let me take in my camera cos it looks like a video camera with the Viewcam style screen on the front :( Please send me any pictures you have!

14/07/01 - Good news! For those who are to miss the gig at the Mean Fiddler, be sure to catch an interview with Mr Patton himself, on the Radio One Rock Show. But more to the better if are going to the gig, and you manage to catch it when you get home, like me [as long as the trains don't fuck up]. If you will miss it because of the gig, be sure to ask someone you trust to tape it for you.

13/07/01 - Only four days left till the big gig, and only a week after that the nw album will be released! I have updated the Director's Cut section with more info about the layout [and the legal dispute over 'Flashdance']. If you haven't got a ticket yet, I wouldn't bother trying, cos this gig has sold out! I have my ticket, and for those who have one I'll see you there.
I wouldn't even bother trying to download Experiment In Terror if you haven't yet, cos the Ipecac site has been hacked yet again. And I still haven't found a decent server for the downloads.
Another thing, I have heard the new album, and it's amazing.

06/07/01 - The latest offering 'The Director's Cut gets 4 Ks in the latest issue of Kerrang! magazine. Not only that, its the main review on the page. I guess it's because Phil Alexander is a big Patton fan.
The Full review will be put on the site soon enough.

17/06/01 - More live pictures added, plus info about bootleg live CDs and videos.

12/06/01 - Added a few links, and a WANTED bit. No other real news about the site, more about me getting a Fantômas ticket!! I shall be seeing them in July, see you there.
Sorry about the downloads, but I think Angelfire doesn't want me to host mp3s, or something. I've tried zipping them, but that doesn't help. The only active link is the Experiment in Terror one at the mo, but I'm looking for better ways to upload them no fuss. If anyone has suggestions, gimme a shout.

28/05/01 - I have just uploaded Rosemary's Baby onto the site, so for those who didn't manage to download it when it was available on the Ipecac site, now you can :) Click here to download it!

27/05/01 - I don't know for how long, but the Rosemary's Baby download has gone from the Ipecac website. So I'll try to upload it myself sometime. But now you can download Experiment In Terror from the site!
Click here to download it!

22/05/01 - There are now flyers in the picture section to see, have a ganders!

12/05/01 - Added a link for download of Rosemary's Baby onto the site so you can get a taste of things to come in the new album.

24/04/01 - I just added a tour page by popular demand. Just click on the Tour button, which is at the top of each page to see where Fantômas are playing near you!

22/04/01 - Added live photos and more articles to the site. I also got the title a little shined up :) Also if you have winzip and winamp you can download a live version of Avi Satani just by going to the Discography. Enjoy!

From left: Buzz Osborne, Dave Lombardo, Trevor Dunn, Some guy.

Fantômas is a pet project invented by Mike Patton, baritone singer and musician for the bands Faith No More and Mr Bungle .

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