We made it home from the Bateville Ar. show with some mailboxes, so here they are.

$69 each and they are shipped the same day we get your money. Email or call - and if your thinking about doing it but you are afraid it'll break you before payday, you're in luck, I can now take your charge card or debit card.

These are for the guy or gal who knows what they are looking at. Once these are gone, that's it until fall.

Click HERE and read this before you buy one of these mailboxes. Frequently Asked Questions


The first one is a marbled Harlequin Base. This color changes from red to blue and gold etc., depending on your angle of view. The base was marbled over black - the flames were first marbled with a copper pearl then a factory harley bronze was marbled over that. This one is very cool.


This one has the same marbled Harlequin Base , but the flames are airbrushed in a firey pattern with yellow orange and red.


This box started with bare metal and 80 grit on the grinder. I ran the grinder across the surface making a cool gorund metal pattern, then applied House of Kolor Cobalt Blue over that then multiple coats of clear. One has sold, there is one left.


This box has that same cool airbrushed firey flame pattern, but over a black base


This box started with a black base and silver flames. I cleared it, then added House of Kolor Cobalt blue over all of it and cleared it again.


This is the most time intensive box I have - black base with Harlequin checkers.


Black base - factory Harley color for the flames - Bronze


Black base and some cool Gold marbled flames.


This is just 8 of 25 that were left out of 100 - I'll get the rest of the pictures on here as soon as possible.

I can tell you that there are some black base w/orange flames, there are a couple black w/straight harlequin and some with marbled harlequin blue to red flames. A couple more with the bronze and gold flames, one with a mixture of the two.