Frequently Asked Mailbox Questions

Q: What Size are these mailboxes.
A: These are the standard size mailbox with a red aluminum flag.

Q: What about the junk paint that comes on those? Did you strip them down or is my paint going to peel off later because of it?
A: I bought these mailboxes directly from the manufacturer in bare metal, so there was no junk paint on them. All mailboxes were first primed with an epoxy primer and painted with a basecoat/clearcoat automotive finish.

Q: Are these boxes the same super quality finish as your motorcycle work?
A: These are not taken to the same extreme as my motorcycle work, not for $69. I'd have to charge hundreds. I can do one to that extreme if you'd like. These are all painted with the same exact materials, they are all clearcoated and all of the graphics and flames were done by hand. No stencils were used on these. Many include some wild colors and designs.

Q: What if some delinquent hits my mailbox with a bat and smashes it?
A: I can't protect them once they leave my shop - but I will give you a heck of a deal on another if you send me your smashed one.

Q: How can I pay?
A: Cash is a beautiful thing, but I'll take a check, of course a money order, or I can take Master Card, Visa or Discover.

Q: Is this a deal where you take my order, then paint the box and it takes me forever to get it?
A: NO. Every box shown available is in stock ready to ship. I mail it the very same day I get your money. If it's a personal check, you have to wait until it clears, but most everything else ships the same day.

Q: Who pays the shipping?
A: You do - plus insurance - but you pay the exact cost - no markup or charge for handling. We box them up good too.

Q: Do you do specially requested colors and designs?
A: Yes, but not for $69. The charge for a custom design is $150 and up.

Q: Are these really frequently asked questions, or did you make them up?
A: Many of these came up as questions, or concerns - but It seemed like a good way to lay out the details. More than anything, I don't want someone to call or email me saying they found a spec of dirt near the edge and they want thier $69 back. These are nice boxes - better than any others I've seen on the net. But they are mailboxes and they are only $69. When you figure the cost of the box, the cost of the paint, and the fact that many have PPG's harlequin which is more than $50 per ounce, and many were clearcoated twice because of the marbling, it's a steal at twice the cost.