<XMP><BODY></xmp> BV206s-based Scout Vehicle/Team Carrier

There is probably no single “ideal” reconnaissance vehicle. In the past, armies have needed various types of cavalry, ranging from hussars to cuirassiers. A modern reconnaissance force will probably make use of M113s, M8s, tankitas, HMMWVs, technicals and assault gun-mortars. It is worth remembering that the main role of a reconnaissance vehicle is to move dismounted scouts.

I've often thought that many military roles could be served by a “team-carrier” vehicle, configured to carry 4 to 6 men rather than a whole squad. I've previously described such a vehicle as:

“...the terrestrial equivalent of the OH-6 scout-attack helicopter. Such a vehicle would be a well-armed IFV with the capacity to take a half squad dismount team. In place of the dismount team this capacity could also be used for sensors, drones or additional ammo.”

The obvious answer was a cut down APC, rather like the Spartan, but with components compatable with the larger vehicles. The T114 seems to have been something along these lines, but isn't really that much smaller than an M113.

In retrospect, I don't think an APC-based team-carrier would offer that many advantages as far as size and bulk go. It would still be as visible and you probably cannot fit any more in a C-130.

A team-carrier based on the BV-206S, however, has real merit. It is 25% narrower than a M113, for a start.

A scout-carrier needs mobility, and a BV-206S based vehicle could go places that even an M113 would find difficult.

The problem with the vehicle’s windows could be eliminated by BTR-style shutters, or better still, eliminate the windows altogether and give the front part a proper glacis. The vehicle might end up looking like a mini -spartan. I am tempted to suggest a bow machine gun, maybe a glacis-mounted barbette like on the APC in “Aliens”.

The mental image I have of this vehicle reminds me somewhat of a geko. The well-sloped glacis forms the snout and the two crew hatches the “eyes”. Like a geko, the vehicle will be very agile and fast. I see the front module as about the size of a Ford Fiesta, and probably a similar shape.

Best place for the main armament would be the forward part of the rear module. This would be remote-controlled and retractable as described, but should have dual controls; one set for the crew in the front, the other for the troops in the back. Or the vehicle might have a turret on each section.

A 30mm gun sounds fine, but why not the ASP? Adding a multi-role ATGW such as Starstreak to the turret is a sound idea. I would also like to see 2.75" FFAR pods for demolition and target marking, but that may be too much for a turret that has to retract, and may need to be fitted once the vehicle has been landed. Alternatives to the FFARs include a 60mm underarmour mortar or AGL (as the Russians use to complement their 30mm cannon armed AFVs).

The rear compartment would have the usual features for a decent APC/IFV: firing ports, roof hatches, etc.

Each vehicle would be supported by bicycle or motorbike-mounted scouts. Many reconnaissance missions are better served by a man on a bike with a radio and a pair of field glasses or a thermal imager.

Roles other than reconnaissance? Plenty: FIST, FAC, carrier for SAM or ATW teams, command vehicle etc.

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