Christmas Doll Gallery

Enjoy these photos of dolls from my collection in a Christmas setting.

Mary Hoyer Doll - 1950's Mary Hoyer Doll - 1950's

Above is a hard plastic 1950's "Mary Hoyer" doll in a dress made from vintage McCall's Mary Hoyer pattern published in 1947. Second photo shows original illustration of the dress from the pattern envelope.

Patti Playpal - 1960's Patti Playpal and AE Companion Doll - 1960's

Above are Patti Playpal and an AE Companion Doll from the 1960's.

Crissy - 1970's

The doll above is a 1970's Ideal "Look Around Crissy" in her original Christmas themed dress.

Darci - 1970's/1980's

Above is Kenner's "Darci Cover Girl" doll from the late 1970's/early 1980's admiring a Christmas ornament that looks very much like a disco ball. Very appropriate for Darci's era. Darci is wearing a halter dress I made for her using a 1974 Barbie dress pattern.

Anna Lee Drummer Boy - 1990's Anna Lee Christmas Cat - 1990's

Anna Lee Mouse - 1990's Anna Lee Mouse - 1990's

Anna Lee Elf - 1990's Anna Lee Santa - 1990's

The Anna Lee Doll Company is famous for their Christmas themed dolls. They make great decorations! Here are some Anna Lee Christmas dolls from the 1990's.

Ballerina Barbie Ornament - 2000's

Hallmark makes many Barbie themed Christmas ornaments each year. Above is a "Ballerina Barbie" ornament from 2001.

Clara from Boston Ballet Nutcracker- 2000's

This 2001 doll above represents "Clara" from Boston Ballet's "The Nutcracker"

Kitty Collier - 2000's

The doll above is a 2001 "Kitty Collier Scarlet Glamour" by Robert Tonner wearing a knit sweater and skirt that I made for her.

Pattite Reproduction

The doll above is a 2003 Ashton Drake reproduction of the early 1960's Ideal "Pattite" Patti Playpal doll. She is wearing a Christmas dress that I made for her.

Ballerina Doll Ornaments

Above are two ballerina doll Christmas ornaments. I bought them because they resemble my two "real life" little ballerinas, Amanda and Ashley.

Saucy Tyler Wentworth - 2003

The doll above is a 2003 "Saucy Ready-to Wear Tyler Wentworth" by Robert Tonner. She is wearing a Christmas dress and sweater that I made for her.

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