Valentine Doll Gallery

Enjoy these photos of Valentine themed dolls from my collection.

American Character Toni - 1950's

Above is a 10 1/2 inch American Character "Toni" doll from the late 1950's/early 1960's. She is wearing a Valentine style dress which I made from her using a vintage pattern. Her desert cakes were purchased from the "Hollywood Bakery".

Snip'n Tuck - 1966

Above is another creation from American Character. This is a 1966 "Snip'n Tuck" fashion design doll. Outfits can be made for her by simply cutting out the fabric and tucking it into the frame. No sewing required. She is wearing a red dress I designed for her for Valentine's Day.

Tiny Betsy - 2000's

Above is a 2000's Robert Tonner version of the 1950's American Character "Betsy McCall" doll. She is "Tiny Betsy" wearing a dress I made for her from a vintage McCall's pattern.

Kissy - 1960's

Above is a 1960's Ideal "Kissy" doll wearing a Valentine dress that I made for her.

Annalee Valentine - 1990's

The Annalee Doll Company is famous for their holdiay themed dolls. Here is a 1990's Valentine Girl Mouse.

Tyler Wentworth & Matt O'Neil - 2000's Tyler Wentworth & Matt O'Neil - 2000's

Here we find our two lovebirds celebrating Valentine's Day. They are Robert Tonner's "Tyler Wentworth and Matt O'Neil". Tyler is wearing a dress and sweater that I made for her.

Marley Wentworth - 2000's Marley Wentworth - 2000's

Here's Tyler's little sister Marley Wentworth wearing a Valentine outfit that I made for her. Outfit is shown with and without jacket and hat.

Riley - 2000's

Here is another little friend of ours. Its a 2004 Helen Kish "Riley" doll which has been re-wigged and is wearing a Valentine dress that I made for her.

Riley and Tulah

Here again is a 2004 Helen Kish "Riley" and "Tulah" wearing hanky dresses which I made for them.

Tiny Kitty - 2000's Tiny Kitty - 2000's

Here are two Robert Tonner "Tiny Kitty" dolls wearing Valentine themed outfits which I made.

Shoppin' Sheryl - 1970's

Finally, we wave good-bye with 1970's "Shoppin' Sheryl" wearing a Valentine sweater.

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