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My name is Maria and I created this website to share photos and information about my collection of Tiny Kitty Collier Dolls. I collect many other vintage and modern play dolls, but Tiny Kitty has quickly become one of my favorites. She has to be the most versitile doll I have ever seen. Her classic style transcends time.

"Tiny Kitty" is a descendant of the 18" Robert Tonner "Kitty Collier" doll. Kitty Collier is meant to be a modern version of the vintage fashion/glamour dolls of the 1950's such Miss Revlon, Cissy, and Toni. Her background story on the Tonner Doll Company website says "In a make-believe time and place, Kitty opens up her dress shop, which boasts the most beautiful clothing and accessories. Always the height of elegance, Kitty wears her highly detailed ensembles with great feminine flair." Below is a photo of three 18 inch Kitty Collier dolls in my collection wearing clothing I have made for them.

Kitty Collier

Tiny Kitty looks lovely in both vintage and modern clothing. She is 10 1/2 inches tall. This is slightly smaller than the popular "Barbie" doll, but Tiny Kitty can wear almost all of Barbie's outfits. However, unlike Barbie where each different doll is closely associated to a specific time period or "look", Tiny Kitty can easily slip into any role. To put it simply, if Tiny Kitty was an actress, she'd never have any trouble finding work.

Tiny Kitty Tiny Kitty

The goal of this website is to allow collectors to see my personal photos of the many Tiny Kitty dolls in various settings and clothing. I'm hoping these photos will give you more information to help you decide which dolls you want to purchase. I also want to give you ideas on how to make the most of your dolls by setting up creative displays and dressing them in different outfits. I've had a wonderful time sewing and knitting clothing for Tiny Kitty, and I would encourage others to do so if you can. However, if that is not something you are interested in, you can also have great fun dressing Tiny Kitty in the unlimited number of outfits that you can purchase for her.

I hope you, like me, will fall in love with Tiny Kitty and find many new ways to enjoy this wonderful doll.

I am not affiliated with the Tonner Doll Company, but I would like to thank them for allowing me to display their official photos on my website. I'd also like to thank the brilliant Robert Tonner for creating this beautiful and fascinating doll!

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