Shopping Sheryl

Shopping Sheryl was created by Mattel in 1971. She came with her own grocery cart and supermarket.

Here are some closeups of the two sides of Shopping Sheryl's Market. The grocery items had tiny metal price tags which Sheryl was able to pick up using a magnet in her hand. When you pressed the buttons on the sides of her waist, she would drop the item(hoping it would land in the cart) The groceries were all based on real products sold at that time and included Dr. Pepper, Green Giant vegtables, Kellogs cereal, and Campbell's soup.

I've seen the market set come with and without a cash register and conveyer belt. Since this was during the time Mattel was having financial problems, my guess is at some point they decided to save money by not including the cash register.

Above are three variations of the same doll. The first is a light blond Shopping Sheryl, the second is a darker blond Shopping Sheryl (re-dressed), and the third is a red-head version apparently known as "Busy Becky" which was sold as a Mongomery Wards exclusive. (Click Here to see my "Busy Becky page.) I find it really interesting that Mattel made all these variations of the same doll. Just more proof that no two dolls are ever exactly alike.

My Shopping Sheryl Memory

I received Shopping Sheryl on Christmas Day 1971. I had the version with the little blue cash register. I loved walking Sheryl along with the cart and taking the items from the shelf. I do remember it was very difficult to keep the items from falling off the shelf, but it was still fun. What little girl doesn't love shopping? Of course this was grocery shopping rather than clothes shopping, but still having fun nevertheless.

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