Riley's House


These are photos of a little "house" I put together for my Helen Kish Riley dolls using an old bookcase that belonged to my grandfathter.

All the wood furniture in the house was made by Paden Lee. Click here to see his photo gallery. Also, click here to visit his website.

Food props purchased from Wendy at the "Hollywood Bakery". Click here to visit her website.

Upolstered chairs are collectible pin cushions made by the Dritz company.





I plan to add more dolls, toys, etc. to the house. I will update this page as new items are added. Right now I have 5 Riley dolls, and one each of the other dolls in her family. The only main Riley family doll I am missing is Avery. Later in the Fall of 2009, I will add the new dolls Kiley and Miki.

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