"Posie" was created by the Ideal Toy Company in the mid 1950's. She was originally made entirely of hard plastic and based on another popular doll created by Ideal called "Saucy Walker". The difference between "Saucy Walker" and "Posie" is that "Posie" has bendable knees. With this extra feature, Ideal claimed her to be "The Walking Doll of a Hundred Poses!" She is shown on her box kneeling by her bed presumably saying her prayers. The photos below allow you to see the bendable leg feature.

Posie Posie

The original version of "Posie" had a hard plastic head. Around 1954, "Posie" was given a vinyl head with rooted hair. Most Posies I have seen have either reddish brown or auburn hair. Some dolls have hair that is more curlier than others. I have two "Posie" dolls which can be seen in these photos. One has darker/curlier hair.

"Posie" has pin joints which attach her legs to her body and she will "walk" if you hold her hands and move her body from side to side. This is often difficult to do with an older doll because the joints can be loose and the legs may slip. "Posie" also has a "cryer" and will making a crying noise when she tilted back and then lifted back up.

"Posie" has blue sleep eyes. The earlier versions with the hard plastic head had "flirty" sleep eyes which would move from side to side. "Posie" was also available in both a 17" and 23" version. The dolls in these photos are the 23" version. The 17" version is marked IDEAL, VP-17 on her head. The 23" version is marked IDEAL DOLL, VP-23 on her head.


"Posie" appeared in many advertisements and was offered in the Sears Christmas Wishbook for several years during the mid-1950's. Click the photos below to see full size versions of two "Posie" magazine ads.

Posie Ad Posie Ad

"Posie" was available in clothing of various styles and material. The dresses were a 1950's full skirt style usually in cotton, organza, or a dotted swiss fabric with lace or rick-rack trim. The "Posie" dolls in these photos are wearing dresses made from a vintage sewing pattern that was specifically designed for "Posie". Click the photos below to see a larger view of the pattern cover and a 1955 advertisement for the pattern.

Posie Pattern Posie Pattern Ad

The photos below show "Posie" in clothing I have made for her next to the corresponding picture from the pattern/advertisement. One of my goals is to make all the outfits on this pattern for my "Posie" dolls. I also have another pattern designed for the 23" "Saucy Walker" which I plan to use to make clothing for "Posie".

Posie Posie Posie
Posie Posie Posie

Although "Posie" is not one of the most famous play dolls of the 1950's, she is one of my favorites. I just love her face. It is so sweet and innocent, but also has a sort of sad look. I think she is a very beautiful doll.

To learn more about "Posie" and other Ideal dolls, refer to the following great reference book:

Collectors Guide to Ideal Dolls Identification and Values : Identification & Values (2nd Ed) by Judith Izen

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