Nanette/Nancy Lee

Nanette-Nancy Lee

This page contains photos of 15 inch hard plastic dolls made by the Arranbee company during the 1950's. Dolls of this style were sold under the names "Nanette" or "Nancy Lee". These dolls are not wearing their original clothing.

These dolls were marked with the letters "R&B". They are similar in size to the 15 inch "Mary Hoyer" and "Madame Alexender" slim body girl dolls made in the same period. They are not as chubby as the 15 inch Ideal "Toni" dolls.

Nanette-Nancy Lee Nanette-Nancy Lee

Nanette-Nancy Lee

To learn more about "Nanette", "Nancy Lee" and other Aranbee dolls, refer to the following reference book:

Arranbee Dolls: Identification & Value Guide by Suzanne L. DeMillar and Dennis J. Brevik

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