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Princess Dress and Beret

Mary Hoyer

These are photos of a 2002 Mary Hoyer doll wearing the "Goldilocks" dress I made from a vintage 1941 Mary Hoyer knitting pattern. This pattern originally appeared in the booklet "Mary's Dollies Volume No. 5". The pattern is described as a "Princess Dress with Beret". The dress has a sailor collar with princess seams which are knit into the dress pattern. The suggested main color for the dress is blue with white for the collar and a red overstiched accent trim. Although the dress is knit, the beret/beanie hat is actually crocheted.

Mary Hoyer Mary Hoyer

Mary Hoyer Mary Hoyer

Mary Hoyer

Below is a copy of the original picture from the pattern booklet. Mary Hoyer published pattern booklets for both children and doll clothing. The doll's dress is only shown from the back in this photo. The assumption is that it is similar to the little girls dress. However, they are slightly different in that the girl's dress has a zipper in the center front, while the doll's dress has buttons. The pattern for the girl's dress could be found in "Juvenile Styles by Mary Hoyer - Volume No. 4". Click the photo below to see a full size version of this photo.


Just for fun, I took a sepia photo of the doll in her dress and placed an old fashioned style template frame around it. Now she looks like she just stepped out of the 1940's!

Mary Hoyer

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