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"Love" was a doll created by Hasbro in 1971. Several dolls were in the series with names such as "Flower", "Peace", "Soul", and a male doll named "Adam". (Very reminiscent of the "Hippie" movement going on at that time.)

Love was approximately 9 inches tall. She had long blond hair (thick and curly on the ends) and rooted eyelashes.

Love's original outfit was a tri-colored shirt (pink bodice, one light green arm, one turquoise arm) with tiny white buttons down the front and a navy bell-bottoms. If I remember correctly, these were made of a fabric similar to lining or taffeta, and frayed very easily.

Here are some pictures of Love in a knit turquoise dress with yellow sleaves which was one of the outfits that could be purchased separately.

Here is Love in another separately purchased outfit. Its a pantsuit made from a heavy orange felt material. This outfit and the dress above are both "official" Love clothing as they have sewn in tags inscribed "World of Love".

****Update 12/18/2002 Click here or on the photo below to see a great "World of Love" website that I just found. Lots of great detail and info. on this doll.

My Love Memory

My Mom bought me the Love doll shown in the pictures above at a discount department store called "Zayre" shortly before my Uncle Joe's (her brother's) wedding in October 1971.

The wedding was in Michigan (near Detroit). We all flew out by plane. I played with Love during the whole flight. I had her clothes layed out on the food tray. I must have switched between her original outfit and the two outfits shown above around 100 times. At least it kept me busy and out of trouble.

Above are several pictures of me from the wedding. One shows me with the the other flower girl, Elenore (also known as "Nani"), the ringbearer, Tony (they are my Aunt Lina's niece and nephew), my brother Marc, and me. The next photo is with the bride and groom, my Uncle Joe and my Aunt Lina.

I was in kindergarten at the time and when I returned I think I told everyone I went to Italy (Italy, Detroit, same thing, right???) I guess I was a little confused. I think the wedding mass was in Italian and lots of people there were speaking Italian, so that must have been what did it.

I think at one point I had another member of the Love family called "Music". She had brown hair, a purple flowered dress, and a set of multi-colored "love" beads. I'm not sure what happened to her. But at least I still have my original Love doll and all the memories that go along with it.

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