Liddle Kiddles

Kampy Kiddle

Kiddles were made by Mattel from the mid 1960's to the mid-1970's. There were many variations of these dolls all with cute sounding names like "Liddle Diddle", "Freezy Sliddle", and "Surfy Skiddle". Above and below are photos of "Kampy Kiddle" which was one of my childhood dolls. I recall her coming with a fishing pole, fish, frying pan, and sleeping bag. Of course I don't have those small pieces anymore, but I do have the doll in her original yellow shirt, jeans, and red hair tie. I don't believe she came with shoes. She is about 4 inches tall. Her body is made of a rubber like plastic with posing wires inside. The base her head is marked "Copyright Mattel Inc." Her back is marked "Copyright 1965, Mattel Inc., Japan".

Kampy Kiddle

Below is are photos of another childhood Kiddle of mine, "Cherry Blossom Skediddle". Skediddles were a little different then the regular Kiddles in that they had a little circle on their back where you could attach a small riding toy to make them move or walk. I believe Cherry Blossom came with a little purple riding toy. She is marked "Copyright 1967, Mattel Inc." on her head and "Copyright 1967, Mattel Inc., Mexico" on her back.

Cherry Blossom Kiddle Cherry Blossom Kiddle

Here is a photo of a tiny doll that I don't believe is a "real" kiddle, but is similar to the tiny kiddles that appeared in lockets and bottles in the later years of production. (I think I got this doll in a bubble gum machine in the mid-1970's. I also made her dress at that time.)

Tiny Kiddle Look-alike

My Kiddle Memories

I recall getting the two Kiddles above during different Saturday morning grocery shopping excursions with my Dad. We shopped in a grocery store called "Star Market" which was connected to small department store called "Turnstyles" (I believe named for the turnstyles you had to go through which seperated the grocery store from the department store.) Anyway, in order to keep us quiet while shopping, Dad usually took me and my brother through Turnstyles first to pick out a small toy. He was constantly saying "Don't touch anything!", but of course we always did, and usually ended up begging him to buy what we grabbed off the shelf.

Easter 1970

Above is a photo of me on Easter 1970 with what I believe was a Kiddle Locket (although I've seen the packaging for Kiddle Lockets on Ebay and they don't seem to match the picture. It may actually be a "Flatsy Locket" by Ideal) Anyway, I do remember it being a small doll in some sort of plastic container. In the early to mid-1970's they made the Kiddle dolls much smaller and sold them inside plastic jewelry containers (lockets, rings, etc.) and tiny cologne bottles.

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