Karen's International Dolls

Karen has visited many countries over the years. Each time she visits a new place, she tries to take a new doll home with her. Hope you enjoy these photos of the many international dolls in Karen's collection.

Austrian Dolls German Dolls

Above on the left is a pair of Austrian Dolls. Next to them is a pair of German Dolls.

Dutch Dolls Brussels Dolls

Above is a pair of Dutch Dolls. Next a doll from Brussels.

Scottish Doll Finland Doll

This is a Scottish Doll and a doll from Finland.

French Dolls English/French Doll

Here are two French Dolls. Next to them is French doll made in England from the "Little Heirlooms" collection by Varie Kacy and Kryla Anne.

Greek Dolls Spain and Portugal Dolls

These are some Greek dolls on the left. The dolls on the right are from Spain and Portugal.

Sweedish Dolls Danish Doll

Here is a pair of Sweedish dolls. Next to them is a Danish doll.

Russian Dolls Budapest Doll

The dolls and the egg on the left are from Russia. The doll on the right is from Budapest.

Moroccan Doll Asian Dolls

The doll on the camel is from Morocco. On the right are several Asian dolls.

Caribian Dolls Mexican Dolls

This pair of dolls is from the Caribian. The dolls on the right are from Mexico.

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