Karen's Handcrafted Dolls

All of the following doll's in Karen's collection were hand made by Karen herself. Karen started making dolls over 20 years ago. They begin as greenware pieces that are cleaned and fired. Next their faces, arms and legs are carefully painted and fired several more times. Then their bodies are sewn, stuffed and put together. (Karen says this is the difficult part of the process.) Finally they are dressed and put on display. This entire process often takes several months to complete. Hope you enjoy the photos of these beautiful and lifelike dolls.

Peaches and Patches Joshua and Jamie

The first photo on the left is of "Peaches and Patches". These are the first set of dolls Karen ever made. Next to them are "Joshua and Jamie", another set of matching boy and girl dolls.

China China

The above photos are of "China". China's outfit is made of genuine silk fabric with golden threads that was purchased by Karen on a trip to China

Martina Willow Kayla

Above are Martina, Willow, and Kayla.

Karen's Dolls Karen's Dolls Karen's Dolls

Here are three more beautiful dolls made by Karen.

Bailey Doll Bailey Doll

Above are the "Bailey" dolls. Karen made these dolls using the same head mold. However, they were painted and finished to look like two completely different dolls.

Karen's Dolls Karen's Dolls

Another beautiful hand made doll riding on her horse.

Karen's Dolls Karen's Dolls

Above is a cute little boy in a baseball outfit.

Karen and Father Christmas

Here is Karen holding a "Father Christmas" doll along with my friends Ashley and Amanda. Karen is now focusing on making "Father Christmas" dolls and giving them as gifts to her family.

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