Karen's Collectible Dolls

Enjoy these pictures of the various beautiful collectible dolls in Karen's collection.

Chinese Doll Mulan Chinese Doll

Above are some Asian collectible dolls.

Fifties Girl Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody

Here is a "1950's Girl" doll. Next to her are dolls representing Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody from the 1950's television series.

Designer Barbie Dolls

Here are some designer Barbie Dolls: a Nolan Miller Barbie, a Bob Mackie Barbie, a 1959 Barbie Reproduction, and Ice Skating Barbie.

Lladro Sculpture

These are some matte Llladro figurines.

Harriet Savoy Dolls

Here are some Harriet Savoy Dolls.


This collectible doll is named "Hillary".

Anri Doll Anri Doll Anri Doll

Above are three Anri collectible dolls. These dolls are carved from wood.

Bride Doll

This is an old fashioned Bride doll.

Seymour Mann Ballerina

Above is a Seymour Mann Ballerina Doll

Karen and Lamb Chop

Finally, here is Karen with a "Lamb Chop" doll.

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