Karen's Madame Alexander Collection

The Alexander Company has long been considered a world premiere doll maker. Founded by Madame Beatrice Alexander in the early 1920's, the company continues to produce beautiful high quality dolls today. Here are some of the Madame Alexander dolls from Karen's collection:

Queen Elizabeth Palace Guard

Above on the left is a doll commemorating Queen Elizabeth II. Next to her is a member of the Palace Guard.

Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus Pocahontas

The two dolls on the left represent Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus. On the right is Pocahontas.

Madame Alexander Dolls Madame Alexander Dolls

More Madame Alexander dolls.

Asian Madame Alexander Dolls

Here are some Asian Madame Alexander Dolls

Catherine de'Medici

This beautiful Madame Alexander doll above represents "Catherine de'Medici". Karen says her family from Italy may actually be decendents of the Medici family.

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